Tips For Making The Most Of Your Instagram Marketing Strategy

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Instagram is fast becoming the favorite of many a social media marketers and for good reason. If you have a product or service that can benefit from visual representation then your Instagram account is the cash cow you need to tap. We have already written a lovely article about how you can maximize the potential of your Instagram account. In this article, we wanted to focus more on how you can make the most of your Instagram marketing strategy. Our expertise in Social Media Marketing and Social Media Strategies for our clients across the globe has prompted us to tell you our secrets. Using these very Instagram Marketing Tips is what has gotten our clients oodles of likes, shares, and comments on their posts.

Instagram Marketing Strategies:

If you use these very strategies you are assured to get some much-needed traction on your profile. Do remember though, only use Instagram for products or services that have a visual appeal or you might not get as much from the account as you would have liked.

Use hashtags:

If really want to see some traction on your Instagram post’s then you really need to start using relevant #Hashtags. Does your brand have a hashtag of its own? If not then it would be wise to create one. It will help you keep all brand-related posts in one place and also keep track of your mentions better.

You should also study the competition, what kind of hashtags are they using? Are they relevant to your product and if they are how can you be more creative about them? Find users using your hashtags and interact with them. Create a bond, make those users your brand advocates.

Cross promote

Don’t be afraid of cross-promoting your content and social media accounts. Find alternative means of getting your customers to your Instagram account. You have to list your socials on your website so that someone browsing through it will find it much easier to get to your Instagram account. If you have a decent following on your other social accounts like Twitter and Google+, don’t hesitate to promote your Instagram account on those platforms.

Encourage And Respond To Comments

Make your followers feel like they are a part of a community. Get them involved in the Instagram campaigns by making them a part of it. Asking for user submissions is a great way to keep them connected to your brand. Other Instagram marketing strategies could involve asking your community to tag their friends in the comments to spread more awareness about the same.

Always respond to as many comments as you can. The more the community will feel connected the stronger their affinity will be to buying your product or service.

Double Check Your Posts

You have to be aware of the socio-political climate in the world. While posting an Ad on Instagram always ensure that you are not being hurtful to other peoples sentiments. Double Check your post and clear it for posting. In the climate today there will always be some people that might be affected by your post, but you need to learn to tackle them smartly. Responding with witty comments of your own could make the difference between a winning Instagram strategy and a loss-making venture.

Using these Instagram Marketing Strategy tips will definitely help you boost your profile. CodePlateau is the top Social Media Marketing Agency in Pune. With a keen eye for intriguing and captivating Instagram Marketing Strategies and Campaigns, CodePlateau has provided much success to its clients in a short space of time. When CodePlateau takes up a project, it isn’t just about becoming a social media agency; it is more to do with partnering their client in their quest for success. If you would love to join CodePlateau simply send them a message and you can get started

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