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Twitter is among the social media platforms which have started the trend of hashtags and people went crazy for that. Even today to know the latest trends in any of the field people prefer choosing Twitter. According to the survey, Twitter has 18 quintillions of user account active in 2019. This is a huge amount of audience for anyone to promote and showcase their work in front of. There is certain thing that needs to be taken care of before creating a tweet to get the most of it.

Here are tips to enhance your tweets to users.

1. Attractive Images

– Images are the most attractive things which catch the eye of any user during scrolling. Let your images speak up about the tweets, this also needs to be relevant to the topic. Interactive images have the most likes and shares rather than a simple image.

2. Retweet

– Retweets are considered to be the positive factor which you get for your tweets. There are two ways of getting retweets, one is the content should be sharable or other is you can also for the retweet by adding ‘RT’ at the end.

3. Blog Link

– If you are promoting your blog on twitter it certain to add the link within in the tweet or on the images which are added. This is basically a call to action button to the users which will drive them to the website. You can also link your bio section as an alternative.

4. Short Content

– It is the common tendency of the people that they don’t read long content and just it out. This also applies to the tweets on twitter. Avoid using long content in a single as well as multiple tweets with the same topic. Have short and simple content which clears its to motive in a single glance.

5. Proper Hashtags

– Twitter is all about the hashtags. Proper and trending hashtags can even go viral around social media. Include the relevant and trending hashtags in the tweet to give more visibility to every tweet. This is one of the important and useful tricks to engage customers.

6. Mysterious Content

– This technique is followed by many of the people around to get more visibility and increase their CTR. In this type, people get tempted to the mysterious content and click on the link provided. This trick needs to used carefully or else this may increase the bounce rate of the website.

7. Fun Facts

– Always promoting the company or the same products make irritate people and lead to unfollowing the page. Adding some fun facts, interactive content, etc. attracts the people and maintain the interest in the page.

8. Mention

– Within the tweets mention the people, company or business using ‘@’ symbol before the name. This will help the user to directly visit the people or company which you are talking regarding. This also helps to increase the visibility of that particular twitter account.

These are just a few tricks that will surely help to grow to blog via twitter that in an organic way. These tips are shared by experts in CodePlateau Technology, which is a well-known company for its Digital Marketing services.

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