Top 5 Tips To Generate More Business via LinkedIn

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LinkedIn can be hit or miss for most businesses because most businesses don’t utilize the full spectrum of tools available to them. If used smartly LinkedIn can actually be the jewel in the crown of your social media strategy. In this blog, we’ll detail the top 5 strategies you can use to generate more business via LinkedIn.

Top 5 Tips on ‘How to Generate More Business via LinkedIn’

As you go through the list you’ll begin to wonder if you haven’t already set all of them up. If you have and you’re still not getting the kind of numbers you expect, think about what you’re doing wrong or get in touch with us. With that in mind let’s look at the best LinkedIn strategies to get more sales from LinkedIn

1.Optimize Your Profile for Search and Visibility

If you’re under the impression that keyword research is only relevant while writing content for your blogs and website copy, then you’re surely mistaken. If you’re a relatively unknown brand in the marketing providing a special set of products or services, the only way customer can find you on LinkedIn is via the search tool.

You need to figure out the keywords your customers are likely to use and optimize the content on your LinkedIn profile using those keywords and variations of the keywords.

Let’s say for instance you are a digital marketing expert that own a company of your own, would you rather pitch yourself as Founder of Company or Digital Marketing Expert? What do you think customers are going to be searching for? These are the factors you must take into consideration while creating a LinkedIn Page for your company.

2. Make Your Company Page as Compelling as Possible

Most company pages on LinkedIn have only the most basic information. You learn almost nothing exciting about the company or the brand. Why would you want to partner with them for your business?

When prospective customers are looking at service providers, they want to be able to read blogs about company successes, words from the senior management of the company talking about the vision of the organization. Anything that would make your potential clients get in touch with your company rather than the competition.

3.Set Your Targets and Goals

Another stellar tip to be successful on LinkedIn is to make sure you set your targets. Most businesses on LinkedIn will either try to generate leads for their businesses or create additional brand awareness for your company. Or maybe both.

Depending on the goals that have been set for the organization the measuring standards will also differ. When it comes to brand awareness the number of likes and shares your posts get. Lead generation is more straightforward as long as you’re measuring the data correctly.

4.Create a Customer Persona and make sure you target correctly

One of the biggest problems most businesses face on LinkedIn is they cast their net too wide. Only by creating a customer persona and sticking to your targeting goals will you be able to attain your business goals.

For this, you might have to join special groups, limit your network to only a certain kind of individuals. The more you work on your customer persona the clearer your idea will be about how to go about meeting your business goals. You’ll be in a better position to answer the question about what kind of content to share, what kind of posts to publish and more.

5.Make proper use of analytics

The most essential tool you have at your disposal when using LinkedIn to grow your business is their analytics tools. Businesses that are new to LinkedIn marketing regularly skip this step because they believe they know their customers.

More experienced hands, however, will know that there will always be more to learn when dealing with your customers.

We’ve had the first-hand experience where clients were pushing one strategy because they saw what they believe was growth. Turns out their page was growing because of a post shared months ago following a completely different strategy.

Always, and I cannot stress this enough, make sure to run through your analytics numbers before you make any major decision in your LinkedIn marketing strategy.


We hope these hot tips to help improve your business with LinkedIn work for you. If there are certain parts of the strategy that seems alien to you and you need additional help, we recommend you get in touch with us. We’d be glad to help you figure out your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

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