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What Are Cloud Services?


As you know, Enterprise business is completely dependent on technology. So many companies are tech businesses that require more technology. Today, scaling a business requires regular updating, maintaining, and training with new hardware and software upgrades. And that is where Cloud Services meet Codeplateau .

Codeplateau work in your various sections of Cloud and make sure that they work promptly. Codeplateau know all the perks about Cloud. Cloud computing is the diverse computing applications which includes from servers, storages, database powering, networking, software, The Analytics and the intelligence. These all services are connected to the internet which makes them more secure, reliable and time-efficient than ever before. And we make sure that everything stays put and right to their place.

Cloud Services Divided Into 3 categories


Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration is the movement of data and applications from their premises to cloud services. Companies can either move all of their data together at one go. If they wish, they can leave some of their application services behind on-premises. Cloud Migration is today’s necessity is because it yields returns that will aid not only the Company but the Shareholders and Customers as well.


Cloud Optimization

The infrastructure becomes more viable to software updates. These servers become off-premise and keep each in-built task online. Strong security and operational software updates are available for your infrastructure. This lowers down your management costs and leaves more time for more strategic planning. Disaster Recovery mode helps you get back together without hassle. This problem is frequently faced in small businesses where requisite resources and expertise is less. Through Codeplateau , a robust disaster recovery mechanism is made functional that protects your data during contingencies.


Cloud Computing Services

Cloud Services work in 3 Ms. Modernize, Migrate, Manage. This has been one of the main three handles of the door which make sure that all the best part of your service is reached out in the public. Whether it be Public, Private or Hybrid Server, the data has to be made in effective grasp limit of the crowd. We at Codeplateau have major experience in IAAS, PAAS and SAAS which helps us overcome great challenges and drive with new possibilities.


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Top Benefits Of Cloud Computing

Global Scale And Application

The main reason why companies choose Cloud Services is the ease of user experience. According to the International Data Corporation, 2018 was a big year in the cloud. The market saw a massive increase in cloud computing investments. This major uptick in the cloud was equivalent to $160 billion. This means that cloud is latest track of solution to all the services you can think of.

Speed And Reliability

Most services connected to cloud are self provided and on demand. This means large amount of Computing Resources could be provisioned in minutes.

Cost And Liquidity

Cloud is the best solution to cost cutting hardware diplomatic running 24×7 all around your business. It removes capital expenses and adds flexibility in the work.

Productivity and Performance

Cloud adds more time in the physical process by leaving out hassle in computing services. This removes “Racking and Stacking” and adds more benefits in greater economies of scale.

Ensure Data Recovery

Current or new applications are moved over the new hybrid server. This result-driven step provides careful migration of all folders and both public and sensitive data. Risk-Free Migration with zero security lapse or data loss.

Vast Applications

Industries ranging from Travel, Finance And Insurance, Healthcare, E-commerce, Professional Service, Consumer Durable, Media and Advertising, IVS, Automobile, Manufacturing, Telecom, and to Education Sector, all can be reached out through Cloud Computing.

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Why Choose CodePlateau?

Codeplateau ensures negligible Disruption and no loss in Business as Usual. CodePlateau offers diverse requirements support from Single to Hybrid and Multi. We work with the latest automated tools that help us resurrect your data and make it more feasible.

We at CodePlateau work every project with Our main clientele include over 113+ Clients ranging from GROFIRE, SENGLED, WAYHOME, OTA, THE CAR SALON, CARRIALL, and CERT FIRST. This much amount of positive feedback filled us with “Boost To Work” in a more diverse clientele

frequently asked questions

Are Cloud Service Separate from utility, on-demand and grid computing?

Cloud is a ‘On-Demand’ Service. The way of the work is new here. But it includes attributes previously associated with utility and grid models.

Is cloud computing the same as software-as-a-service?

We always think that software-as-a- service pushed off the whole thing toward cloud computing by demonstrating that IT services could be easily made available over the Web. Codeplatue propose that cloud is one of the top application of software-as-a-service. And we work with all we have to ensure dignity to your solution.

What types of services are available via the cloud computing model?

Public Cloud Service break down into three Definite Categories: infrastructure-as-a-service
software-as-a-service and platform-as-a-service. IAAS refers to what you know it as Cloud Storage. It is responsibility of IAAS structure to manage your data in discrete order. SAAS Ensures delivery of software applications over the web. PAAS gives you platform for building, analyzing and hosting Web Applications in user defined infrastructure.

What Type Of Applications Can Be Run In Cloud?

Both as user and service provider, you can provide anything in Cloud. From Desktop disk defragmentation to systems analysis tool in the cloud, all dedicated applications can be a part of your cloud.

Can applications move from one cloud to another?

Yes, but that doesn’t mean it will be easy. The latest example is the shift from Amazon to GoGrid. And Codeplateau is here for you to do it. The internal backing of your data and connected amends with it, All keep secure along the way.




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