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Mean stack is an open-source JavaScript software stack that has evolved and emerged as a trending way to build dynamic and powerful Web Applications. MEAN Stack is an acronym for MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS. Mean Application development can be done in one language from both client and server sides to reach database execution environments. It serves as the complete technology solution in the development of a full-stack project with innovative ideas. This technology ensures simplicity and enables the creation of most interactive and engaging applications with Cost-Effective Methodologies.

Codeplateau has set the level of prosperity in mean stack development and has emerged to be Top Mean Stack Web Development Companies In India. We came with the idea to work hard so that your business grows. We nurtured ourselves with a lot of time going into thinking and finding ways that maximize your return. We have a team of experienced professionals from various fields who know how to tackle the problem the right way. Together they bring up new ideas and make way through the diplomacy of the world. We started from little and now, after developing and delivering a high-quality product, Codeplateau’s name speaks for its Services. We believe in your idea. We make sure that you never lose track of your path to success.

Features of Mean stack


Flexible Approach

Mean Stack-based applications allow the user to write code in Node which is designed in such a way that they can migrate to AngularJS or any specified platform with ease.


Better Performance Product

Node.js is a fast, reliable and high growth approach in Web Development. It is event-driven and the architecture is quicker offering high performance.


Cost-Effective And Long-Standing Process

Compared to other non-viable options, Mean Stack is standing still at its place being the best setback process for the data processing method. Package manager, Npm makes it easier to share code and data. Based on Secure servers, Mean Stack trace high grounds.


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Our Mean Stack Web Development Services Include:

MongoDB Development

Codeplateau is the top trusted MongoDB Tech Partner in the industry in India. We have created multiple Web Applications including social networking websites, API, E-commerce Website Development and Gaming Portals. MongoDB’s Dynamic Schema helps us develop to reduce the complexity of RDBMS and help us produce a top-tier product.

Express.js Development

Express.js Development coincides with Mean Stack Web Designing parameters. Express.js is one minimal and flexible web application structure that offers our developers a wide range of features for both PC and Mobile Application Framework.

AngularJS Development

Over the last 4 years, Codeplateau has extensively used Angular JS for the development of intuitive front-end interfaces including Model-View-Controller capability. Developing server-side applications (Interactive in Nature) are developed using Java.

Node.js Development

Today every developer position themselves in state of concept and comfortability with Node.js coding. It provides properties of asynchronous JavaScript and event-driven APIs. Node.js development is used to create a scalable base of the program that comprises flexible components. Famous for push mechanism in web applications, Node.js enables developers to provide high-performance applications added with strong video and social interactions.

Let’s Work On Your Idea Together

Codeplateau Offer High Quality Service In MEAN Stack Application Development

MEAN Stack Web and Mobile App Designing

Codeplateau provides services in the development of Mcommerce Apps, Management Apps, and Smart Apps. We take matters of Location-based features Push Notification, Smart Gestures, Smart Security Wireless Control, Location Tracking, Profile Management, and Tracking Devices service into our layout for your product design.

Express.js Design and Development, AngularJS Design and Development and Node.js Development

Our team of experts has diverse experience in Express.js, AngularJS, and Node.js structures. We take full responsibility for your layout starting from scratch and producing High-Yielding Custom-Made Applications.

Migration To MEAN Stack

Our diverse field of work area enables us to get hang of knowledge from basic to in-depth migration of application. From your current database, all the data is migrated to a new compact server. No Data discrepancy/ Data Loss is Codeplateau’s top priority.

MEAN Stack CMS development and MEAN Stack ERP Development

Codeplateau has ample resources to give you integrated business tools such as content management systems and enterprise resource planning application. We ensure that your team gets the most of your product. Codeplateau provides consultancy services in mean stack development to give your business the “Boom” with the simple yet congenial set process.

API Development and Integration

Building API gives us freedom for work as a surmounting amount of audience is within our grasp. With lifecycle methods in the software interface, processing, protection, and composition of the data become viable.

Maintenance and Support

Codeplateau takes full responsibility for the deployment of the Website. Our ties never break. After the deployment of the product, if the client concurs, we provide hospitable tutorials for the application so that the future may never hold any interruptions for you and your business bear fruitful returns.

Why CodePlateau Is A Big Name In Field Of Mean Stack Web Development?

Codeplateau proposes the structure to transform your business into the next name of quality. Codeplateau follows tech trends which help us create and migrate structural data seamlessly. Effective, long-standing and transpiring reliable steps help us manage to make us the best way we do.

4 Years of Experience and Over 113+ Positive Feedback Clienteles, Codeplateau is providing the best services to the customers and gaining their trust. It is their trust that made us one of the top pinnacle names in the mean stack web development industry.

frequently asked questions

Is Mean Stack Flexible?

Mean Stack is a highly productive and flexible application development approach.

Why does my business need Mean Stack Web Development Service?

Highly expressive, Interactive front-end and Asynchronous Mechanisms of Data Processing are some of the benefits of Mean Stack Web Development. Our key services aim for Cost-Effective points to ensure a positive response from your customer.

What development processes do you follow for Mean Stack Web Designing?

Our trained team of individuals apply agile methodologies for Mean Web Development.




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