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Codeplateau love what we encounter with. We find love in what we do. Working with great clients all around the tech industry helped us learn more and to be more specific about what they do.

Since the end of the 20th century, the boom of the internet has grown magically. The exponential growth of the internet stabilizing every sector give new foundations to Technology. As per statistics, there are 4.33 Billion active users of the internet as we speak. That is 57% of the total population of the planet. This shows how much time and consideration are hidden in the big area of the Internet. And this is just the beginning.

Web Design and Web Development is one of the top prioritized conditions for every business. Removal of disengagement of users and adding more information and making sure your customer gets the best UI Experience. Everything coincides with your initial thought. The thoughts you want to show to your audience. And this is where Codeplateau became different.

Why Web Development Is The Next Thing You Want To Cross Over?

Why Web Development Is The Next Thing You Want To Cross Over?




Ensuring your website loading speed prevents your 7% of possible audience members. As the internet reaches the farthest distances, it becomes more viable for people to gain access. And the main reason that any business rise is due to the trust their audience show.



Nowadays, every device is powered with the Internet. PCs, Tablets, and Smartphones have been created in par user-friendly environment.

As per the survey, 72% of people want mobile-friendly websites. Your audience wants the best available remedy you have. As 38% of visitors will stop engaging with a website if the content or layout is unattractive, that is a lot of audiences you never want to lose. Keep track of online service feedback of your customers and ensure necessary action.



With more than 900 Digital Marketing Service Providers, what suits your website matters. Business needs a way to grow and survive. 26% of Organic Traffic increases if your website ranks. We work efficiently and effectively to make sure better search engine rankings.


Let’s Work On Your Idea Together

Codeplateau Suite of Web Development Service.

CMS Development

Our services are on-premises for CMS development focuses on saving time, money and hassle in complex computing. We provide all-inclusive options added with easy use tools.

React Development

Over time, we have managed to give our Client’s complex and heavy projects with both: Great Success and On-Time Submission. If you use general style application, we can help you create it using React for both Desktop and Mobile platforms.


WordPress is one of the most used platforms in the case of Web Development. But yet it is distinctive and mediocre to ensure productivity. Our team proposes the best services to allow your website to run with full potential on this platform.

Mobile Application

The discussion, the development, and the deployment. We make sure that your audience gets most of their experience in smartphones mobile and Tablet devices. We provide solutions to Magneto to create the ideal layout for your Mcommerce Apps, Management Apps and Smart Apps.

Let’s Work On Your Idea Together

Benefits Of Codeplateau Bond With Your Business.


The solutions we propose never make misjudgment in web building. We propose only to the limit we think of. Not an extra penny to our attention. We want growth with Trust and Loyalty.

Best Layout With Your Preference

You get what you want. You feel to show love and care to your customers. We ensure they get to them to the fullest. Logo designs, Content Pages and clean structure for the positive user interface.

Integrated Marketing

Be seen. Most Web Development Service Providers stop at the formation of a website. Codeplateau coordinates you on a continuous improvement path to evolve your online presence.


We make sure each Plugin for your website works to their maximum capability. Every internal module interaction never puts your data in open ends.


We take full responsibility for hosting and maintenance of your website even after our ties break and the project is delivered. If you concur, We ensure that every detail explanation to your team to prevent misconduct over incomings.


B2B, Healthcare, Education, Associations, Telecom, Non-Profit, Financial, Retail, Utilities, Travel, and Tech Industry. You name it and we provide it.

How Codeplateau Is Different than any other Web Development Company?

Codeplateau each member of all the different teams put experiences and skills to the table. Collectively we aim at one simple ideology: To Reckon as Top Unstoppable Geek Force In The Market. Because when we do our job with the best in class service, Your Business Perspire. Our methodology is effective, long-standing and transpires reliability. The exponential growth in consumer expectations helps us reach more towards our goal in upgraded world trends.

4 Years of Experience and Over 113+ Positive Feedback Clienteles, Codeplateau is providing the best services to the customers and gaining their trust. We gain with every Project we work and make sure you get the best thing. It is our Client’s trust that made us one of the Top Enterprises For Web Development in India.

frequently asked questions

Do you use templates?

We do use templates only for the reference or depending upon the requirement of client.

Why Do I need a website and Web Development Service?

Whether it be small or big sealed deals you encounter daily, you need a platform to showcase your product and services.

Are your websites SEO Friendly?

Our websites are 100% SEO Friendly. We take maximum time to inherit your preference. With that, we make sure that nothing is left and Every Service provides the best result.

How long will it take to build my website?

It depends on the level of complexity, service allocation, and accommodation of features for your website. We provide a deadline for your project and make sure it never crosses your presence of mind.




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