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IoT Application development

What Are IoT Services?

IoT Application development

Today each organization wonders how to harness IoT. Every individual business needs to improve operations and deliver differentiating products and services. The process to achieve this goal requires building IoT apps or software that combine data with predictive analytics. This sensor data correlates to machine learning technologies and create a smart environment for the users. Not only this, but it also creates intelligent, context-aware and proactive user experiences for your employees, customers, and partners.

The task of building such types of IoT applications or ‘Smart Apps’ can be challenging. Adding to this, the development process requires disparate tasks of steps and techniques. A composition of a delicate and heterogeneous mixture of IoT endpoints is made as to the main function. And that is where Codeplateau fits right for your project. Our teams have experience in back-end systems and data regularly monitored to get the best application from Sensors, Actuators, Processors, Embedded Software, Analytics, and Machine Learning.

Why Use IoT Services

Discover A New Phase

Give your audience a phenomenal yet complete experience by developing a personalized and relatable mobile app. Proper customization applicable for at par user experience.

Best Statistical Software.

Connect IoT to your business so that each step is perfectly monitored. A perfectly balanced UX which lets the user explore to the fullest and make relation forever.

High-Quality Product.

Meet the unexpected limits where Codeplateau becomes your partner of success. Witness the history in making the name of our firm. From Top enterprises to young startups, everyone deserves to be in the best care. And we work to our fullest to ensure that you create brighter results.


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Codeplateau Suite of IoT Service.

Android, iOS And Hybrid Applications.

CodePlateau Technology is the leading Android App, iOS App and Hybrid App development company based in Pune, known for its excellent quality. We serve Mcommerce Apps, Management Apps, and Smart Apps Development. Our team of best-experienced individuals in the industry together will help you expand your business with compact investment.

Software Interface And Platform Integration.

Our practices and business models aim for ease of the onboard individuals on your service. This ensures maximum scaling of performance without affecting your present user interface. Every process reaches the target in channeling and empowering your model on various device modules.


Codeplateau grasps and considers every possible aspect to achieve the goal of connecting devices and sensors and make great achievements. These measures help to reduce wastage and increase productivity.


To get the flow of Healthcare operating facilities, Softwares indulged with smart Technologies are introduced, Codeplateau proposes the use of IoT in the medical sector. Lower down patient engagement period and Increase Upgrade Time.

Let’s Work On Your Idea Together

Codeplatue Propose Maximum Applications Of IoT.

Smart Homes And Landscapes.

Codeplateau helps businesses with smart homes or commercial buildings in order to unleash the power of advancement through IoT devices. Energy Optimization Services is our top priority.


We work for predictive maintenance in the industry. Codeplatue follows ordered approach to develop environment with uninterrupted production.

Cost And Liquidity

Cloud is the best solution to cost cutting hardware diplomatic running 24×7 all around your business. It removes capital expenses and adds flexibility in the work.

Productivity and Performance

Cloud adds more time in the physical process by leaving out hassle in Computing Services. This removes “Racking and Stacking” and adds more benefits in greater economies of scale.


Codeplateau wants to increase a level head in the field of education by measuring steps for a new era of students.


Smart wearables powered with IoT makes endless possibilities. They enhance life on a better scale. IoT provides Personal Safety, Ensures Fitness Tracking and Promotes Quick Health Analysis.

Why Choose CodePlateau?

We at CodePlateau go from basic to maximum to get your business to the next level of positive response in audience. Streamlined Operations and High-End IoT Application Solutions help us enhance Customer Services. With Agile and Scrum, we manage to deliver the future centric application to our partners. The exponential growth in consumer expectations helps us reach more towards our goal in upgraded world trends. With over 113+ Positive Feedback Clienteles CodePlateau is providing the best services to the customers and gaining their trust. It is their trust that made us one of the Staunch in the Industry.

frequently asked questions

Why IoT Is The Next Big Thing?

The Internet of Things employs smart devices and sensors to be utilized by software, databases, and applications connected by the internet. Through this, Users are ensured to view information and data with a lined user interface.

Does Getting In Touch With IoT Help Our Business?

Prodution of IoT enabled software and applications is done through an intuitive way. Top IoT development platforms ensure easy ways to compose devices with sensors producing high quality application processing and development cycle.We at Codeplatue think of the ways that maximize your business and ease your user interface.

How Much Time Does IoT Applications To Go From Planning To Deploying The Service?

Planning, Development and Feedback. The three major step process that we concur in creation of all Applications. Feedback at Deployment stage is necessary to omit errors, bugs and flaws.

What Can We Expect After The Judgment Day?

We help you to the fullest even after the service end ties up. Codeplatue bond you and your team with our ideas and process so you never lose track.




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