The Top Logo Design Trends 2018

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The logo is the brand’s face and character. Customers remember an image or a design longer than a name. As a professional web design company, we have worked with a varied set of customers. Logo design is always a tricky business. Here is our list of logo design trends for 2018.

The Return of Hand Drawn Logos

A lot of our clients prefer hand-drawn logos for its limitless creativity and the natural, non-digital touch. Many pioneering companies use hand-drawn logos to emphasize a fresh, out of the box appeal. Designing logos by hand is a quicker, spontaneous practice. The iteration cycles also take less time compared to digital technology. Also, hand-drawn logos provide the brand with a rich, genuine vibe.

Geometrical Familiarity

Minimalism or to convey more in less is finding many takers this year. For instant customer connection, familiar geometrical shapes are becoming an integral part of logos. Curved circles, sharp triangles, rectangular and square shapes are easy on the eye. A combination of geometric shapes conveys the brand’s value, culture, and vision.

The Unforgettable Monogram Touch

The strong symbolism that monogram logos convey is the stuff of legend. If used with the right letters, color gradients, sharpness, and finish, monogram logos attain an iconic appeal. Monogram logos are making a comeback, helping brands convey trust and confidence among customers. For further inspiration, browse through the Volkswagen, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel and General Electric logos.

Optimised for Social Media

As more and more brands are making their presence felt on social media, businesses are rethinking their logo design. Some brands are tweaking the logo colors, or making them sharper and compact to register easily in the potential customer’s mind. Simple colors and textures are in use to make the brand more attractive and inviting to the target audience.

Negative Space Artworks

The popular use of negative space has endured and with good reason. A well-made negative space logo is a work of art, drawing attention upon itself. They convey clarity, creativity and professional capability. The subtle variations leave well-designed negative space logos open to interpretation. Depth is another attribute, inciting the customer to be fascinated by the design aspects and brand connection.

Grooving with the Grid

The grid stands for balance and is at the core of any good logo design. Mobile app design has adapted grids for maximum impact. The potential for experimentation is endless in a grid-centric logo. It provides a strong aesthetic sense, at the same time conveying excitement and new beginnings. The grid should be around forever, by the likes of it.

We have recollected here the logo design trends we have witnessed in 2018 so far. What do you think are the other logo design trends that will be popular this year? Please share your comments.

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