Common Mistakes To Avoid In Ecommerce Websites

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E-Commerce websites are not truly the norm. So many of them have been sprouting up on the internet that it becomes difficult to differentiate one from another. There are however some web developers and web design companies that are not really doing a good job with their ecommerce website. CodePlateau Technology Solutions is the preferred choice of ecommerce web development service provider in Pune. It has a tonne of experience designing and developing a large number of first class ecommerce website. With their substantial amount of expertise in the field as web design and web development agency they have listed out some common mistakes that need to be avoided when best ecommerce websites design and development.

List Of UI-UX Errors to Avoid While Designing Ecommerce Websites:

Complex Navigation System:

The best e-commerce websites are not the ones with the best products. The best ecommerce websites are the ones which make the best products easy to find. If the architecture of the website is not up to mark and the navigation on the website is unnecessarily cluttered it will definitely lead to a bad user experience. The simpler the layout the easier the navigation and the better the site will be.

Proper Product Focus:

The primary aim of any e-commerce website is to sell the products displayed on it. If the user experience of the visitor is not primarily focused on him finding the products then your e-commerce website has been designed pretty poorly. CodePlateau, Pune’s No. 1 ecommerce website development company has built several websites for their customers that have vastly improved the sales figures. The ROI on these websites have been astounding. One element to surely take notice of it the way the product is displayed and found.

Complicated Checkout Process:

If your checkout process involves more than 3 steps chances are the customer is going to drop the purchase and leave. You can actually find out the customer information journey if you have tagged your e-commerce website with Google Analytics. Try to make the checkout process as simple as possible. CodePlateau’s ecommerce website designing came in quite handy for one of its clients when they improved only the checkout process and saw an incremental gain of almost 70% in the first month itself.

Confusing Content with Call To Actions:

If you want your customer to visit your website and make a purchase you need to show them what to do. Do not confuse content with Calls To Action. A Call to Action button is to be separate. The best ecommerce websites designed by CodePlateau provide an intuitive feeling to the buyers about where they need to go to complete their shopping experience. Each website should try and achieve that sort of intuitiveness. The website should be designed in such a way that it becomes abundantly clear to the buyer what needs to be done. Do not confuse content with call to action. Sure your blog post might mention somewhere that the customer needs to buy this product for the holidays, but without a proper call-to-action this message will fall on deaf ears.


Best Ecommerce Websites Design

Partner with CodePlateau as they truly become a extension of your business. They will carefully understand your business needs before working on a fool-proof plan. Implementing it to provide you with a E-Commerce website that works best for your business. Clean interface, logical url structure and a simple checkout process that is sure to increase your return on investment. CodePlateau is one of the leading E-Commerce Website Development Agencies in Pune. They have several years of experience under their belt working with national and international clients. Call today for a free consultation.



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