Do You Need A Mobile App For Your Ecommerce Website?

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Mobile App Development has been in vogue for a while, but many businesses in India are not truly taking advantages of it. Several big brands have started developing or rolled out the mobile apps of the ecommerce website and have seen huge gains because of it. Smaller businesses are still finding it difficult to accept that a mobile app for your ecommerce website will be a push in the right direction. CodePlateau Technology Solutions is Pune’s top mobile app development company. Today we discuss why it is important for all business with an ecommerce website to get a mobile app developed as well.

Why Is A Mobile App Important For Your Ecommerce Website:

There are several functional advantages that mobile has over a regular website. If you have a popular ecommerce website, or a website that is one the rise then it would be a good idea to start thinking about a mobile app for the same. Economic constraints are one of the biggest concerns about building a mobile app. With CodePlateau’s affordable mobile app development solutions you can get one step closer to building your own.  Let’s take a look at why you need a mobile app for your ecommerce website.

Changing Consumer Shopping Patterns:

As you might have already noticed consumer shopping patterns are forever changing. The trend that now seems to be on the rise is more mobile functionality. With their smart devices handy customers will research for hours before making a purchase. Why would you want that traffic to slip away? Providing insightful information such as product reviews, descriptions can help make your mobile app for the ecommerce website a one stop shop for your customer. People are not only spending more time on their phones, they are spending more money through their phones. Mobile Commerce or m-commerce was at $ 6.02 billion in the year 2015. In 2017 it is expected to close at $ 16 billion. Estimates say the trend will continue and the figure could touch $38 billion by 2020. Why would you want to miss out on a seemingly easy income stream?

Is a Responsive Website Good Enough?

The question then arises, why do I need a mobile app for my ecommerce website when a mobile responsive website works just as well. The simple answer is, because it doesn’t. There is no way to compare the online shopping experience you can have via a mobile app to that from a mobile responsive website. The navigation is hell. The effort required to scroll, move is just not worth the time. A separate mobile app is the answer.

Make Use Of Features:

Building a custom app for our ecommerce website lets you take advantage of the myriad of features of the mobile device itself. Not only can you take advantage of new features rolling out to devices such as augmented reality geotagging, but the features that already exist, like the simple camera that is in every device can be leveraged to your benefit. We have gone into detail on the features you can use in your mobile device. You can read our blog on why a mobile app is necessary for every business for more details.

Personalized Shopping Experience:

A mobile is a very personal device, so why can’t the shopping experience be more personalized? Research shows that sending our more personalized notifications to the customer can often lead to higher click through rates and increase revenue generation.

Social Integration:

You are more likely to purchase something referred by a friend then by an unknown person. Social Integration with your mobile app allows you to take advantage of that. Not to mention the traffic growth due to the influence on some friends on other. Using a mobile app for your ecommerce website has several benefits you cannot ignore.


If you are looking forward to building a mobile app for your business or your e-commerce website think of CodePlateau. With a highly experience team of truly professional people, Codeplateau can provide you the best bang for your buck. We will provide you with a free consultation and see how things go from there. CodePlateau has experience in building apps for the iPhone on their iOs Platform as well as for the Android platform. Call today to convert your brick and mortar business to a digital leader.


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