8 Reasons To Use WordPress For Your Website Development

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If your business is based solely on a store model chances are you are missing out on some great revenue. Not only will you be missing out on revenue generated through online sales, your competition will be moving ahead at a much faster pace. If you would like to stay competitive in the environment today you need to have an online presence. If you think it is going to be too expensive or too much work, then you are definitely mistaken. CodePlateau is a WordPress Website Development Company in Pune that helps young budding entrepreneurs gain a Digital footprint with development of world class yet affordable websites.

CodePlateau has an expertise in PHP development as well as using other common programming languages to build a website. However for the course of this blog, we will discuss the top 10 reasons to use WordPress to build your website.

Top 8 Reasons To Use WordPress To Develop Your Website:

WordPress Is Easy To Use and Manage:

CodePlateau helps build the most beautiful website by using the functionality of WordPress. Once the custom website has been built you don’t need to know coding or computer languages to continue to work with WordPress. You can make changes to your website as and when you feel.  It is one of the easiest platforms to use. We can even provide support and maintenance services if you need, but seeing how easy it is, you will probably choose not to avail that option.

WordPress Websites are Different:

You can do so any things with a custom developed WordPress Website that its functions are limitless. It can be an ecommerce website; or have a simple blog. You can have complex multipage product brochures for your customers to browse. Think of it and we will develop a WordPress website as per your need.

Use Of Themes:

Depending on the type of website you need, you can use tens and thousands of themes that are freely available. The WordPress themes are like the clothes that your website wears. You can make it look any way you like. If you do not like the free option you can always buy a theme that catches your fancy.

 Plug-In Power:

WordPress used to be a plain blogging website development source. The game changer for WordPress was the development of Plug-Ins.  Plug-Ins are like special website application that allows your website to have additional functionality. You can boost your SEO, add Social Integrations, Avoid Spam. Ahh, the pleasures of working with WordPress.

WordPress Popularity:

Tonnes of companies, even big brands are using WordPress or content management systems like WordPress to develop their websites. WordPress is really popular which means it is not going to go away soon. WordPress will support your website for years to come.

 SEO Friendly:

WordPress helps boost your SEO by itself. It is extremely SEO friendly and you can also add additional plug-ins to give your website more of a push towards Google’s top rankings.

Open Source System:

Since WordPress is open system, developers are constantly working on making improvements to it. They are also working towards building more plug-ins and other functionality to WordPress that wasn’t available even a few months ago. WordPress keeps evolving and you can keep adding these cool features to your websites as you go.


One of the main concerns most people have with building websites is the cost involved. CodePlateau provides an unbelievable WordPress Website Development Service from Pune. WordPress Website Development is very affordable and highly cost effective. If you’re working with a shoestring budget this service is for you.


If you are thinking about building a custom website designed for your business, think about CodePlateau. CodePlateau is Pune’s top rated WordPress Web Development Company. With a high number of professional engineers as well as several great projects already under their belt, CodePlateau can be the perfect partner for your business.

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