5 Mistakes to Avoid While Designing a Website

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Website Designing is the most crucial part of the overall process of website development. During this process, the main perspective is to take care of the users and its overall effortless experience throughout the website. The main goal for any website designer is to lock up the user into the website and convert them to the customer. Also, from the designers’ point of view, it is also mandatory to fulfill the client’s expectations and also maintain the standards of the industry. This can be too much complicated in certain cases and end up losing users and revenue simultaneously.

Let’s take a look at the mistakes which need to be avoided during website designing.

1. Website Speed

– The website speed has become the most important factor for any site to sustain in the competition as well in to maintain its higher position in the search engines. Due to the availability of high speed of internet, people have lost their level of patience. Users can’t wait for more than 3 seconds to load the site. So, to generate the traffic and convert them into conversions it’s really important to maintain the quick loading speed of the website.

2. Navigation Bar

– Sometimes to make things stand out or to try out innovative ideas, designing may go wrong have negative effects instead of positive. That doesn’t mean trying new things should not be an option. Try to maintain the standards of every element. Like for navigation bars are placed ideally on the top or at the most right side. Placing them totally in a new place or making it invisible or hidden bars misguide the users. Elements which let the user struggle has comparatively fewer conversions.

3. Spacing

– If ever want to know the importance of the white or blank space ask any website designer. Blank or white space gives the room to the user to think and properly understand the site information. Also, this does not distract the user and concentrate only on one thing. Its always advisable to give the white spacing on the website on both sides.

4. Grammatical Mistakes

– Spelling mistakes can be counted into a minor one but the effect is major on the site. Website losses its credibility and the trust of the users due to grammatical spelling mistakes. Content is counted into the first impression and when it is bad, the user never returns to the website ever. This can cost you a huge amount when the users don’t return to your website.

5. Mobile-Friendly

– According to the statistics, 51.65% of the users were operating mobile devices for searching the queries. So if you want to get a number of traffic and the conversions you must have a mobile-friendly website.

We hope these tips would be useful while designing the website which could increase the revenue and the popularity of the site.

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