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An e-commerce website is said to good enough when any user lands on the site and complete the process of payment without any struggle. It’s a common scenario with the e-commerce website that the advertising is done well enough to attract and drive the audience to the website. But poor user experience or loss of professionalism, ruin all the efforts of the advertising. For any e-commerce website, there is no specific format or pattern which needs to be followed by everyone. But certainly, there are few elements which are mandatory to include within the website.

Follow the below tips which would help to improve the user experience of the e-commerce website.

  1. Think Like User – For any e-commerce website its important to think like a new user who had landed on the website first time ever. Keep all the navigations and products simple and easy to use. Let the offers and deals be highlighted on the first look or on the banners, so users don’t miss out and also attract them.


  1. Search Option – eCommerce website is huge collection of products which might be difficult for any user to find any specific product. Having the search bar on the site becomes the lifesaver for such customers. Also, it saves a lot of time and efforts user due to which its also in the preferred e-commerce website.


  1. Simple Design – Simple Design is the key to the e-commerce site, which gives the professional feel to the site. Complicated and too much content actually don’t give the user space to breath which ends up losing them.


  1. Checkout Cart – Everyone has observed the cart logo at the header section of any e-commerce website. This option keeps updated the user about the number of items in the cart. This is also calculated under one of the strategies for better user experience, as a user have not to cross-check about the number of items added.


  1. Quality Image – This is listed under the most important and mandatory point any eCommerce website should have. High-quality photos not only give the website a professional look but also helps in creating the trust for the user on the products and its quality.


  1. Review & Testimonials – It’s been preferred by many of the people nowadays to check the reviews first and then decide. It can be a movie, a new restaurant or any buying any online product. Having a section build up the trust of the users before buying it from old or even new website.


  1. Product Layout – Keep the display of the product simple with proper spacing. Too many products or too less in one area, loosen the interest of the customers and even might confuse them. Grid layout is the most preferred layout to be used by any e-commerce website.


  1. Quick Checkout – The checkout is the step when the user had finally sorted and decided to buy the products. Minimize the steps while moving towards the payment option. Also, don’t distract the user at the payment page with certain offers and deals, you might lose the customer there.


  1. Contact Information – There are multiple times when customer have a very small query and they search for the contact information. Providing the details helps the user to get connect instantly and also help to gain trust. Details can be contact number, location, working hours, etc.


  1. FAQ – Users have several questions which are most frequently asked. If unanswered the user may not buy the products from the site. Setting a FAQ section answers their simple and common questions. These clear the doubts instantly without even contact the support team.


Using these tips will surely help in improving the user experience in the overall website and increase the conversion rate. All these points are taken care of when the website is designed and developed by the professional company.

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