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Anand Group


Anand Group is a leading group of automotive manufacturing companies with a country-wide presence and several business verticals. It has a significant market presence in the aftermarket and international markets and provides automotive systems and parts to over fifty businesses.



Each company and the manufacturing unit at Anand Group generate a large amount of data that is reported to management daily. The team manually entered the data on Excel sheets and created on-paper reports to measure criteria like production quality, safety, incident reports, productivity analysis, and other key performance indicators.

Preparing reports using this method was tedious and prone to human errors. Furthermore, the management team received the reports the next day, which resulted in lost time in making crucial production decisions.

The company recognized this gap and searched for a way to improve operational efficiency. They decided to go paperless in their reporting process and store their data on a consolidated system. All levels of the organization, including floor supervisors and senior management, needed access to the data. 

Anand Group
Anand Group


The management team of the Anand group of companies met our team at Codeplateau, and we were pleased to provide our Power BI development services to enhance operational efficiency for the manufacturing company. Power BI is a business analytics tool developed by Microsoft that lets users visualize and share insights from their data.

Our expert Power BI developers created interactive and visually attractive dashboards that analyzed the data generated to produce meaningful insights. These dashboards were user-friendly, straightforward, and could be shared and accessed effortlessly on an LED screen.

ACTION steps

To develop Power BI dashboards for the client, our team at Codeplateau

A. Gathered and understood the client’s requirements: The client company had data for 102 key performance indicators, which needed to be analyzed and represented visually.

To achieve these objectives, data needed to be visualized and presented on an LED screen to be viewed by everyone in the organization.

B. Designed Power BI dashboards: The developers used Microsoft Forms to digitize the data from Excel reports. To save the data on the centralized system, they used Microsoft SharePoint.

For the customer, our team developed individual dashboards for each performance metric. The dashboards included interactive visuals like colour-coded graphs, bar charts, and pictures instead of cold numerical data.

The developers designed the dashboards in a lucid format. All the employees at Anand Group could now view the visual reports from Power BI on a TV screen. They made this possible through the Power BI robot, a system that retrieves visuals from Power BI software and displays them on the screen with periodic data updates in real-time.

C. LED Installation at the Shopfloor by the customer: As a result, the workforce at the manufacturing units can not only view but also easily understand the meaning of data in terms of any undesired outcomes or production/ delivery delays and decide an appropriate course of action. Moreover, this level of transparency increases personal accountability among employees, resulting in better productivity outcomes.

Anand Group

Some of the Key Performance matrices visible in the reports were:

  • Safety Indicator
  • Safety and quality control
  • Delivery Indicator
  • Productivity Analysis
  • Shopfloor Analysis
  • Sustainability Roadmap
Anand Group


Thanks to the sleek and efficient Power BI system, all individual companies and units at Anand Group can now access their exclusive dashboard displaying statistics to reflect production efficiency, machine downtime, and resource utilization.

Decision-making for the management is now hassle-free, as they can pinpoint any lags or discrepancies in any of the indicators and take prompt action. The employees on the production floor can also view important data related to production, delivery, and safety, be informed of any incidents, and take appropriate actions.

Consequently, with this new system implemented, Anand Group experienced increased productivity, improved efficiency, and lower chances of downtime.

Due to the client’s growing need for additional dashboards, our original engagement with them has continued, and our data analysts are still providing support.

The ongoing collaboration has led to a more streamlined and proactive approach to monitoring and managing operations, ultimately resulting in further improvements in overall performance. The client’s continued satisfaction and success are a testament to the value our data analytics services bring to their organization.

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