Basics of LinkedIn Marketing Strategies for B2B

 In LinkedIn

LinkedIn has always been the favorite social media for the business to business platform. It’s known worldwide and by every marketer and business person that LinkedIn is the best option to generate leads for any business type. It’s not limited to B2B and for lead generation only, it also helps B2C business type for their brand awareness through it. Even after knowing the advantages of LinkedIn it becomes difficult or has no clue how to enter into this goldmine. Also what things or strategies to use which will help their business types to grow. So in this blog, we will discuss the tips and tricks which surely help to generate leads and spread awareness for the business.

1. Banner Image

– This is the first thing that is visible to the user when they land to your LinkedIn page. Have the image which is attractive and mentions the motive of your business easily. The banner image plays an important role, as it decides whether the user stays on the profile or not. A simple and attractive image is preferred then complex and hard to understand images.

2. Showcase Page

– This page feature is given by LinkedIn with some specific purpose. People can find all the required information about the company on that page. So, it’s important to update all the information and complete the profile on both the Company profile as well as the Showcase page.

3. Sharing is Engaging

– if you are growing its essential to showcase it. Sharing the content will keep the people engaged in your company or business. Now updated company page or showcase page will give an impression of non-activity to the new as well as old users. The more the content is shared more the user tends to like, share the content with others.

4. Sharing Content

– Sharing the content is fine, but what content is the main question which arises. On LinkedIn avoid sharing the personal content, instead opt for the professional shareable. This can be the blogs, webinars, seminars, events, etc. which will create interest in the users to engage with. You can also add the links of the website in the blogs and article which are shared on LinkedIn.

5. Engage Personally

– There are times when people interact with the company page in the form of messaging for any queries or suggestions. Try to interact with them and answer them. This created the bond between the individual and the company in a personal way. This is certainly a time taking process but the outcome is not going to disappoint.

6. Join Groups

– LinkedIn groups can give you a lot of benefits than anyone can think of if utilized properly. Groups are not created for any marketing purpose; this is missed by many marketers. Use the groups on a personal level to share and gain information and valuable tips to generate leads. Once you become an expert you can opt to create your own group.

This tip will surely help to generate the leads for the B2B business. And for an expert solution in social media, CodePlateau Technology is the most recommended name.

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