Importance Of Whitespace In Web Design

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Most websites suffer from information overload. Line after line of text that blends into each other after a point, making the information verbose. For this reason whitespace in web design an important element that needs to be used. Your web design team needs to work with a well-established plan to ensure they know exactly how to draw attention to vital parts on your website. Viewer attention is difficult to hold for long as it is, whitespace plays a very important role in guaranteeing that even if your audience skims through the information on your website they know exactly where to look.

What Is Whitespace In Web Design?

Whitespace is also referred to as negative space. It’s the part of your web page that is left unmarked or blank. This forms the gaps between the graphics, different idea concepts on a blog, margins spaces. Whitespace is any space on the website that left blank. When used correctly, Whitespace can transform a website. The focus on web designers is to try and get as much targeted customer on page time as it can by delivering a great product to the client.


Why Is WhiteSpace Important?

We have discussed the fact that white space is important in web design, but we have not yet discussed why that is. Let’s take a closer look.

Greater Interaction:

Research shows that whitespace increases by almost 20% by removing distractions around objects on your website you want to draw attention to. We can use whitespace effectively by providing a natural flow to our web page. Higher the interaction visitors will have with your website the better for your business it is.

Call To Action Buttons:

CTA’s are extremely important to websites. It provides an action for the visitors to make. To ensure success for your business you have to make sure to properly highlight the CTA buttons. There are several ways of highlighting the CTA button. One method is by surrounding the buttons with whitespace.

Better Content Visibility:

Although your content might have excellent structure and logical flow none of it will be visible to your site visitors without the proper use of whitespace. Whitespace provides more legibility to your content by providing timely breaks for the eyes to rest before moving to the next thought. Content, especially quotes can be highlighted separately by surrounding them in a whitespace box.

Improves Visibility:

Making the web page tidier using white space makes it more attractive to your audience. It improves the visibility of the different elements of your website. White spaces also make for a more efficient and impressive website. Whitespace is especially important because it indicates finesse and ingenuity. Whitespace does not necessarily mean space has to be white in color, you just need to leave it blank. This provides you with an opportunity to play with color themes on your site making it fun and elegant.

The challenge in using white space

Most businesses see whitespace as a waste of useful resources. We have met with several clients who would prefer to cover every inch of their website with some form of text or the other. Sales driven clients who do not understand the concept of design well, argue hard to cover as much of their web page space with ads if possible.


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