Should you use a one-page website for your business?

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In an age of drastically reduced attention spans, thanks to social media, cell phones, and widespread Internet access, retaining customer attention is an immense challenge. This is where a scroll-friendly single page web design makes a difference. Here’s a reality check on single page websites:

Do You Need A One-Page Website?

Single page websites work best for an industry or subject that requires the use of limited text. An infinite scroll website template is great for brand building and initial customer queries. Showcasing your portfolio on a separate one-page site isn’t a bad idea either. A new product, app or service launch can make a cool publicity campaign on a single page template. If you intend customers to recognize your brand name, and a few important keywords, a one-page site makes a groovy, dynamic, online visiting card for your business.

Small businesses that need to quickly summarize all details for their customers can do with one. Organizers of events, conferences, weddings, annual festivals, seminars, are other ideal 1-page website users.

But it’s not like big businesses can’t use a single web page to their advantage. If you are into graphic design, film, architecture, web app, photography or a hotel business, a single page website can effectively reflect your company mood and creative side. Dazzling fonts, colors, animations and graphics can result in awe-inspired designs and induce a wow factor.

The SEO Factor

A one-page website may not be ideal from an SEO point of view. Limited content can’t fit in a lot of keywords on a single page. There is a limit to the volume of search traffic that can be directed to the website. It’s not a lost cause though. In-depth SEO keyword research, posting highly relevant content, creating distinct content segments, using anchor links, embedding backlinks, and using analytics can help boost single page website traffic. Even though you have a single page website, you definitely need to create paginated blocks on your website to help with your website do better on search engines. As your web development team that also provide digital marketing services, we can definitely provide you with better solutions on how to improve your websites search engine optimization.

User Experience 2.0

One-page website design helps you focus the user attention to relevant content. Users no longer read information now; they scan text. Readers are now more likely to scroll down a single page, rather than browse through many website pages. A one-page template is also more mobile friendly, ensuring a more leisurely content browsing experience. Many social media websites have a one page home page scrolling section which then links to other articles. Facebook can be considered as a good example of a website that has a single page scrolling. Similarly so does Twitter.

At the same time, continuous scrolling can put off many users if the content is verbose and daunting to read. Applying clever website design solutions can help you surpass these problems and make it user-friendly.

Design Solutions

Use sticky menus to ensure that the user doesn’t have to scroll to view a particular section of content. Have a return-to-top button for easier navigation. We definitely provide you with excellent solutions in case you need an infinite scroll webpage. In case of multiple-page content, use a single home page template that has the navigation elements to support multiple blog and article postings.

CodePlateau is one of the premier web design and development companies in India. We plan and execute our design strategies with the utmost commitment. I hope the information shared helps you take a decision about whether to go to a single page website.

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