Want More Money? Start Effective Icon Design for Better UI

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Any website or mobile app icon design has to convey a specific purpose. Icons add aesthetics to the screen, help save on screen space. But primarily icon design have to aid your users, help in branding, drive user attention and response. The idea, from the graphic design aspect, is to keep it simple. Easier said than done you will say. Here are some key pointers to effective icon design for better UI:

Balanced Icon Design Detailing

Instant communication of an action, idea or object is the attribute of good icon design. Too much detailing can render an icon with no logical or meaningful connection. As a rule, opt for minimal detailing to clearly convey the mobile app icon design’s purpose.

When Google first adapted a simplistic grid icon on its homepage as a one-point access to all its Google apps, they received multiple help requests enquiring about the apps’ location. The users just couldn’t spot where the grid icon was on the page. Somehow the lack of detailing had ended up too elusive for the users. That is why, striking the right balance, trial and error are important steps too.


Out of the Box Design Tweaking

Unless the client had made clear specifications, go beyond standard design conventions, without compromising on usability and visual recognition. For example, see how the Pinterest icon gets away with an outrageous text font while combining two circular clean white, vibrant bold red combo diameters to convey its image-intrinsic brand. Sample how the iOS music app djay 2 uses a vinyl for an icon yet conveys a modern appeal.

Visual Perception Aspects

Closely consider the following factors while designing website and mobile app design icons. Know your target audience, right down to their age, cultural attributes, level of education and general development. Find out, in what environment will the product be used? What will be the expanse of the product’s local or global reach? How does the audience identify with graphics, what specific elements distract and engage them? These are all vital questions.

The Scalability Factor

Try out your icon design on the device or website in multiple sizes and settings. While designing, focus on a unique shape or quality that retains its effect in any size or scale. Check that the icon looks great with various background colors. Perceive how the design complements the UI.

Eye for Aesthetics  

You are aware that a set of icons and each individual icon in an app or website have to be aesthetically alike. But how do you ensure a pleasant subtle uniformity? Concentrate on little things, like the specific size of the square or rounded corners. An acute sense of style, lining and color textures helps immensely in this process.

We hope that these icon design tips provide you with a new perspective on designing icons for website and mobile apps and contribute to a better UI. Please do share your comments below.

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