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Why Web Design is Important

There are several reasons why Web Design is important. Technology has become completely integrated into our lives. We have been seeing a rise in the use of technology in several forms in our own lives. With the use of the internet though people have started to get shorter attention spans. Their ability to focus on a task without getting distracted is becoming more and more difficult. Businesses are competing with each other in this space very furiously and they need to. Your website is still the home of your business on the internet and hence it becomes vital for most businesses; (especially those that have a purely online model) to constantly upgrade and upscale their website to make it more attractive to the users.

Your website serves the purpose of drawing the customers in. The look and feel of the website will determine how long they will stay on the website and what they do on it. Everything matters, from the colour scheme you use to the font, to the type of images that you are displaying. Whether the goal of your website is to convert new clients, build your brand, or sell a product, every website owner should take time to periodically review and update their face to the online world. Your Web Design should take into consideration your website goals

Web Design Tips

We have noted a few tips we use when designing our award-winning websites for our customers to help you better understand what you need to do. If you are creating a new website or updating an existing one, consider these design principles:

Be consistent

Right from the word go, you have to be consistent with your themes. Not just on your website but on your social as well. It’s no wonder that companies spend millions of dollars trying to rebrand themselves. Choose your fonts, your colours, your images wisely, because it might prove to be a very costly error to fix.

Pay attention to what’s above the fold

What are you using the website most for? If this is where your conversions are driven you need to pay attention to where you draw the observers eye. When you are designing your website, consider placing contact forms, or an email entry access. Make sure to mention your contact details prominently on your website. When your customers visit they know intuitively where to look for your contact details.

Have A Site Structure In Place

Even before you start building your website the site structure should be noted down. You should have a logical flow of how you want your customer to proceed through the site and build it accordingly. Page hierarchies, especially for e-commerce sites, are very important as it will decide how your customers move from the landing page to make a purchase.

Web Design Should Include SEO

No matter how well your website has been designed it will be of no use to your or your customers if it cannot be found. As part of the web design tips, SEO should also be of focus when building your website. There are several factors which take into account website SEO but we will cover them in our next blog.

Make It Responsive

60% of your users are going to be viewing their content on mobile devices. Your beautiful website design and features will not be of any use if they cannot view them properly on smartphones. Make sure when your hire a web design agency in Pune they’re well aware of the various methods of optimizing your website for mobile phones.

Speed matters

This may seem like a no-brainer, but your website speed matters. If you have a webpage that is larger than most and takes time to load the users may get bored, distracted and leave. Remember what I said about having a very small attention span. Even if you can do something to reduce the load time by a few microseconds, you should be willing to invest in the effort to do so.

Optimize your website for your customers

What clients need to understand is that although a website will represent their business in truth it is for their customers. When designing a website the customer’s needs should be a priority. When designing a website think about the buyer’s journey on your website. Your web design and development teams goal should be to facilitate your customers in reaching the end goal for your business. Whether it is filling up a lead form or making up a purchase. When designing a website, put your customer first.

Your Web Content Should Be User Focused 

As we’ve mentioned in the point about your website should be customer-centric. The content on the website should also be focused first on answering the user’s query. That’s already one of the main aspects of good SEO. When user’s know they’ll be able to find good quality content on your website they will not visit any other web page for their needs. Your website will be the information repository they come to love and respect. That’s what you want from your content, to create a long lasting relationship with your customers.

Optimize your content for Google

Not only should you be writing great content for your customers, you should also be writing great content for Google Bots. Title Tags, Description Tags help the users find out what they should expect on a page. The Google Bots get a better understanding of what the page is about as well. Structured data is another set of information you can apply to your websites, but that is a whole other story. We will get into the details of that some other time.

Create a smart Site Map

Your website architecture should be intuitive. Users should know exactly where they need to click in order to find the information they are looking for. Your sitemaps also help the Google bots accurately index your website, which is a huge boost to the search engine rankings.


Website Development Trends are constantly changing and you need to keep adapting as technologies change. The web design tips we have mentioned above are the basic requirements of design a highly friendly and usable web site. If you are looking to build a stunning website to enthral your customers get in touch with Codeplateau, the best web design and development company in Pune.

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