Secret of Colors in Web Design

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Secret of Colours

It’s no secret that colours are everywhere and we use them without much thought. What is a secret is that brands use the secret of colours to their advantage. Your mind processes a lot of information very rapidly. It is able to do so because we have already fed our brains with information and we keep doing so on a regular basis. Subconsciously we have also fed our brains information about colours. Some of them are personalized and some are societal. What we mean by that is; pink is for girls and blue is for boys. This is a generally accepted norm. Although this trend began in England in the 1800 we still follow the trend today for the most part. Subconsciously we have made that note and set it aside for future use.


Web Design Tips From Experts:

There are other trends that we have noticed on a primal level and we have stored that information away to be used later. Here are some secrets about colours that we may already know deep down inside but which has now been studied using scientific parameters. Please not that different shades of a colour may evoke a different reaction in different people but the rule of thumb is generally as we have noted below:


Bright Yellow is a kid’s favourite, but generally disliked by adults. McDonalds use two of the brightest shades of yellow and red to attract the kid’s attentions. Even though it is primarily the parent would make the purchase decision, they will be influenced by their child’s requests. For websites targeting young adults lighter shades of yellow is a good colour of choice. Although the brighter shades of yellow should be used with caution. Generally speaking men tend to dislike the colour yellow.


The first thought that enters the mind on seeing green is freshness. That is because it reminds us of nature. Green is automatically associated with Greenery and refreshes your mind. Companies in the health or agricultural sector should consider using some shade of green on their website. Green also promotes well-being and so can be used for health products and services.


A favourite among most men (remember the subconscious learning), blue represents royalty. It also provides a sense of intelligence and serenity. Companies whose main focus is innovation and new ideas can consider using this colour during their website design. It invokes a sense of modernization. Dark shades of blue can be used for luxury products. The shade itself is called royal blue.


Danger, Danger. Bright shades of red are the most noticeable colour. If you would like to drive attention of the users to a particular point from your web design then you can consider using red. Although unless part of a theme, Red tends to not play well with most other colours. The next best thing to pointing an arrow to where you want your customer to look is to use the colour red.


The less said about Orange the better right? Actually, Orange is a good colour to use in your web design. Orange is in fact the new Red. It signals all the warmth of a fire without the danger. To a large degree looking at the colour orange provides a sense of energy in your body. This is best used for companies in the health segment. Especially the one’s targeting users of health drinks.


Classy, Conventional and Corporate. Black immediately gives you a feeling of formality. Did you think of a suit when you read black? At the same time a deep black, jet black is a colour that denotes luxury and you will see a lot of cosmetic brands using black on their websites. When used correctly, black can send a powerful message to your customers.

Now that the secret of colours is out there how are you going to use it? CodePlateau has been following the secret of colours for several years. We have also designed several websites using these principles. When you want to outsource your web design, you know who to call.

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