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Website Designing is a long and complicated process as they need to stay connected to different people during the whole process of development of a website. Like this starts from meeting the client’s and understanding their views about the site and making it come alive. Certainly, to handle this logging process and delivering it perfectly it’s important that none of the steps is missed or skipped out. This is the scenario where one would know how important the checklist be. Not only in a professional way but also in the personal day to day life, it’s a saver. With the list, it’s most likely that we don’t miss any of the important tasks and miss out the perfection just by one minor mistake.

Below are listed down the 7 checklist points which designers shouldn’t miss before the launch of any website.

1. Industry Standards

There might be different views of the client and what actually is the industry standards currently. A website designer is responsible to mold the ideas of the clients to fits them into the industry level. Having the best designing ideas would work if there is no relevancy with the industry and its standards.

2. Layout

The layout of the website should match the screen sizes of the devices which the end-user is using. Basically, the design should be compatible with all the devices which are also known as the responsive design of the website. The business may lose a lot of users due to not having a responsive website.

3. Browsers

Making the website compatible is one thing but browser compatibility is another factor which cannot be ignored. There are devices which have the default browser for any of the search query. Overlooking the browser compatibility indirectly deflects the user from coming to your website.

4. Favicon

Favicon is the small icon similar to the logo placed at the web browser which is nothing but the graphical representation of the website. Having a favicon on the website is to improve the user experience while browsing the website. This comes under the minor thing to do which has a large impact on the users.

5. Color

It is important to maintain a color scheme on the overall website by designers. Not doing this may lead the users to break the flow of the process and also deflecting them from the goal. Also, the colors should match the industry-standard whether it’s a service provider or a product delivering business.

6. Error Pages

Due to some technical errors, there might be conditions which show up the error pages like 404. There should be properly designed pages for such situations. The error pages don’t divert the user and tend to leave the whole website instead of just a web page.

7. Important Elements

There are always certain elements which are important for your website which consists of about company, discounts, offers, highlighted products, etc. These are some information which needs to be seen by the user and understand the motive of the site in the first sight. Try keeping these types of information on the first fold of the website, means without a single scroll.

These tips will certainly help to deliver the professional website to the client by website designers.
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