What’s new in Laravel 5.7.13

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When we first looked at Laravel earlier this year we focused on the security features it possessed and why it was such a popular framework that top web design and development companies in Pune, like CodePlateau, use it. Laravel has just recently been updated to version 5.7.13. It’s the constant updates that Laravel receives that make it such a popular framework for web developers and web development companies to work with. In this blog, we’ll be looking at the whole host of changes that have been introduced with the latest update.

But before we do that let’s take a small look at the update cycle of Laravel

Laravel Update Cycle

Not many companies provide an update cyclefor their applications. You have to keep guessing and this is important todevelopers to understand how they’re going to move forward with their plans. Asper the release cycle updates provided by the company Laravel will receive 2major updates every year.

The first major update will be in June and the other normally by the end of the year. While the framework has been updated the previous versions will still be supported for up to 6 months and provided while the newer version receives bug fixes and minor updates.

It’s important for web development companies to know when they need to perform updates and when new versions will be available so they can plan around it. However, if you want to stay to developers the latest release information you could visit the following link:

Here are the changes that have been added to the new release of Laravel:

  1. Messaging Ability
    You can now add a variety of messages to your custom validation rule. Something that the previous versions or Laravel were surely missing.
  2. Empty
    The collection methods now have the ability to pick between whenEmpty /whenNotEmpty/unlessEmpty/unlessNotEmpty method
  3. Added Illuminate\Support\Collection::some method
  4. Added Illuminate\Cache\Repository::missing method
  5. Added Macroable trait to Illuminate\View\Factory
  6. Added support for UNION aggregate queries


  1. Updated AbstractPaginator::appends to handle null
  2. Added “guzzlehttp/guzzle”:“^6.3”, to composer.json
  3. Showed exception message on 403 error page when message is available
  4. Don’t run TransformsRequesttwice on ?query= parameters
  5. Added missing logging options to slack log driver
  6. Use cascade when truncating table in PostgreSQL
  7. Allowed pass absolute parameter in has valid signature request macro

Changed realization

Used Request::validate macro in Auth traits

Apart from the above changes Laravel version 5.7 known as project Nova has also introduced the following features

  • Authentication scaffolding now also contains an optional email verification process
  • Authorization gates and policies now have support for guest users to log on
  • Testing improvement for various consoles
  • Notifications that are localizable
  • Dump-server integration with Symfony

Laravel continues to be an outsider’s choice when it comes to web development framework; however, it is quickly building up a steady reputation for itself. Here are some startling statistics about Laravel use in India and abroad.

  • Laravel is the most popular framework for developing web application in India: This should come as no surprise since the PHP Framework itself is solidly built. It allows you to develop a whole lot of applications with simple coding. Along with India, Laravel is also a top contender in the USA, China, Spain and the UK among others.
  • Laravel is slowly but steadily taking customers away from its competitors. For instance It’s leaving behind competitors like RealTime and Web2py. However, it is still facing stiff competition from the likes of WebMatrix and Lasso. Webmatrix is one of the most popular PHP frameworks in use currently. Of a hundred websites in use, application for 46 of them have been built by WebMatrix while only 11 have been built using Laravel so there is still a lot of catching up to do.
  •  Business and Industry category use Laravel the most frequently because of the high level of security it offers and the simplicity in the build.
  • Arts and Entertainment make up the next largest category with 6% of all Laravel web apps used in the arts and entertainment industry.
  • While USA leads the race in the top usage statistics for Laravel, India is in the top 10 list ahead of Turkey, Indonesia, and the Netherlands

CodePlateau is one of the top web development companies in Pune India that uses Laravel to develop top notch web applications for our customers. We have some amazing work to show in our Portfolio section which highlights the great work we can and have achieved using Laravel. If you are interested in knowing more about Laravel or would like a web App developed for your website, get in touch with us today.

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