Social Media Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

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We’ve realized the importance of social media marketing. It’s a great platform to share your ideas, be heard, and even market your products. But for business owners who need to focus on other aspects of your business front keeping in touch with the latest social media marketing tips can be quite challenging. CodePlateau brings you the best tips for social media marketing that can help propel your business to the next level.

Best Social Media Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

These tips will tell you how to use social media marketing to help grow your business from a starter to a leader.

1. Start With A Social Media Marketing Plan

Due to time constraints, focus on business aspects, small businesses usually lack the time for marketing which is one of the most important aspects. Small businesses, however, don’t have the resources to afford a premium social media agency that will do the work for them. So in order to succeed they need to start with a social media marketing plan. Spare just a few days or a few hours each day to decide what you will do for the coming month. It’s easy to pick out special holidays and events that are coming up and decide your social media calendar based on those. We usually like to plan out our social media marketing calendar a month in advance. You might not have to post every day, but frequent posting leads to better success in social media. We live in a world of low attention spans, when you’re out of sight, you’re out of mind.

2. Choose Social Media Platform Best For Your Business

This is in fact much harder than it appears. Normally when working as a Social Media Marketing Agency in Pune for our clients we like to start with all the popular social media marketing platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. If you have existing channels your social media audit will give you a better idea which platforms you need to focus on. Otherwise, you can try them all and see what sticks to the wall. It’s best to trickle down your accounts to just one or two. Make them your priority and be very active on those platforms while also periodically posting on others as well.

3. Familiarize Yourself With Your Audience

For businesses, and especially small businesses it’s really important that you get to know your audience. Your bottom line depends on them. Your audience segmentation will also give you a better perspective of the social platforms you need to target. The audience you want and the audience you get might be completely different. Ideally, a pub would prefer a much younger audience, ideally, between the ages of 21-26. However, if they’re getting a much older crowd ranging from 28-35 is it so bad? It comes down to the business decision at the end of the day.

4. Share Rich Media Content

Audiences especially the younger audience, don’t like looking at bland media copy. They want something to make them feel more connected to the post. Share images, gifs, and videos whenever you can. This will help keep the interaction between the communities quite strong. Remember that visual content always leads to higher engagement across the audience groups.

5. Quality vs Quantity Debate

If you have to post every day on your social media platforms (and you should) post something that worthwhile or not at all. Answer these questions for yourself and ask yourself if they post should be up online. i. Is the post entertaining? ii. Is it informative? iii. Is it likely to be shared?


Use these social media tips to move your growing business in the right direction. If you’re still finding it tough to get a fixed routine and need professional help setting up your social media marketing angle get in touch with CodePlateau. Not only does CodePlateau do quality work, but we’re an affordable social media marketing agency in Pune. Get in touch today.
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