Points That A Website Developer Shouldn’t Miss Out

Points That A Website Developer Shouldn’t Miss Out

There is a long checklist which has to be followed as a website developer while developing a website like its functionality, internal linking, placements etc. Following the checklist is surely going to reduce the errors after delivering the website to the client. Below are some points which are essential points which should not be missed out.

Website Inter Linking

Every website is built up with specific idea and logic. This
logic is very important and should be clear and simple enough for the easy flow
of internal navigation from one web page to another. Every new topic within a
specific subject on the website should have an individual subpage. Due to this,
the flow of the user does not get distracted and which leads to increasing
dwelling time on the website, as the user finds the relevant topic which he was
looking for or interested in. Also, do not make more than 3 to 4 layers of
subpage from the index page. Many internal linking within the pages may lead
diversion of users as well as the crawlers.

Meta Tags

The meta tags which defines the website, in short, are very
important parts and plays a vital role during the ranking and defining the
website to the users. Meta Tags include the Meta Title and the Meta Description
which are placed at the backend of the website also known as the source code
and major parts of the On – Page SEO. These
descriptions are shown by the search engines during the ranking of the site.
Firstly, the meta title is been showcased followed by the URL and lastly the
meta description. The Title is a crucial part, as depending upon it the user
decides to visit your website or not. The second part is the description, even
though the title attracts the user, meta description gives the idea about what
the website is about. Always try to have a unique title and description for all
the pages of the website, which eventually leads to a better ranking of each
page individually instead of confusing crawler which page to rank for one
similar keyword.

Site Speed

In the current scenario, speed has become the vital factor to
be considered while building up the new website. Not only in terms of built-up
but also in the Search Engine Ranking Pages i.e. SERP’s speed is very
essential. Even though if you have a very good marketing plan that will surely
drive the traffic to your website, but without good speed t will eventually
lead to loss of traffic due to the high loading time is taken up by the site.
To overcome this situation there are several options like reducing the use of
too many flash in the banner section, compressing the video, minimizing the
size of the CSS file, using gzip to zip up the folders etc. There is a tool
developed by Google known as “Google Page Speed Insight” which will give the
current status of the website speed instantly.

AMP/Mobile Friendly Websites

The percentage of people using mobiles and tablets has
gradually increased in the current decade. People nowadays, complete some part
of their work on their go with these smart devices. So, creating up the mobile-friendly
has been a mandatory task while developing a website. Also,
Google has launched an update regarding the mobile-friendly website, which prioritize
the website which has Accelerated Mobile Pages i.e., AMP. These pages tend to
load faster and quicker on the mobile compared to the normal web pages.