How Does Instagram Works?

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Instagram was just an ordinary social media platform like others when it was launched back in 2010, but does is it really now the same; ofcourse not, it’s now a huge giant and also one of the top contenders in social media. Its been used by people all around the world and grown drastically nearly 10 times within the short span of 5 years. According to the statistics there are more than 500 million of daily active users engaged and they tend to hit the “like” button averagely 4.2 billion of times in a single day. Instagram has become the new favorite social platform among all age groups, due to its constantly updating feeds and new updates, Instagram brings to us. But have you ever wondered how the things work? How does Instagram decide which post to appear and many more? Let’s explore some of the features which are called the algorithms in technical terms on which Instagram work on and delivers the best what you are actually looking for. 1.Hashtags Hashtags are just creating the buzz around us and we are too using it. There are some hashtags which are continuously trending globally and are replaced by new ones with a certain period of time. Instagram follow the trending hashtag and ranks your post accordingly. 2. New Post Instagram consider the date format that is, the news feeds we see is the updated one according to the day. Instagram give priorities to the new post so that the users can always get the fresh content on their every visit. 3. Interests On the basis of the searches, Instagram shows the topic of your interests. Whenever you search for any definite subject it gets trigged about it and give you a variety of other options related to it. This is one of the many factors on which your feeds are shortlisted. 4.Captions One of the important factors which not only Instagram but many of the internet giants use is the time. People tend to spend more time on the post which keeps them engaged and the caption is one among them. This factor increases the value of your profile eventually, so if you are looking to get more engagement to go for the captions part. 5.Direct Message The post which we share with friends through direct message is not trackable but it still is recorded by the Instagram. The content which is shareable is surely the valuable content according to it. This importance is given to the account and its post are been given more focus in the feeds section. There are certainly many more points to considered by the Instagram for ranking the posts in the feeds section. Surely, we welcome your tips and point you would like to share with us.
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