Different Types of Google Ads Extensions

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Google Ads extension is nothing but the extensions provided by Google to enhance the ads experience and simplify the business goals. These extensions provide extra information to the users and also give extra space to the advertisers. Also, they are available at no extra cost in the Ads section. Depending upon the needs Google is constantly updating the list of extensions. There are various and multiple extensions available currently, among them we will be discussing the top 7 extensions.

1. Sitelinks Extension

– This extension is specially designed to give focus on deep webpages. These can include categories, subcategories, about us, offer page, etc. Depending upon the requirement the pages can be set in the site link extensions. The page which is focused can also be tracked individually. So this helps to either create backlinks to that page or highlight it.

2. Call Extension

– Call Extension has a limit to only get viewed on a mobile phone. By using this extension people can call that business by just clicking on the phone icon made available by using the extension. This gives the user an effortless experience via the extension. The call is also trackable by the analytics.

3. Callout Extension

– This extension helps the marketers to showcase their unique point through it. Offer, deals, specialties can be focused that too without any extra charge. The text cannot be hyperlinked by any page, but are in simple text format.

4. Location Extension

– As the name specifies the nature of the extension. It is used to specify the location of the business which comes with the map icon. This location extension is clickable and when clicked on the mobile device it redirects to the map and directions are available.

5. App Extension

– This extension is limited to the mobile device only. If you are promoting your mobile application, this extension will help you to do so. When it is added to the ad, a CTA button is generated. After clicking the button, it redirects to the appropriate application downloading store, to download the app.

6. Price Extension

– This extension better helps the advertisers to display their products or services with a price tag. This is also beneficial as users can only click on the required product or service which gives more metrics about the users. The price tag box appears at the bottom of the ad with a maximum of 8 cards.

7. Structured Snippet Extension

– This extension helps to highlight the extra services, also provides three extra words space. In this section any brands, types of products, destination, multiple card offers, show timings, etc. can be focused. If used wisely this is the most useful extension.

Surely the list is long enough provided enough. DO share with me your favorites extensions in the comment section below. And for any professional Digital Marketing services, CodePlateau is the most reviewed and trustworthy name.

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