Improving Your Brand Presence Using SEO and PPC Combined


SEO and PPC, when used together, are far more powerful than when you use either in isolation. Many digital marketing agencies sell them as different services when in reality they provide the best results when applied simultaneously. Today we will look at 7 ways in which you can improve your brand presence using SEO and PPC together.

How To Improve Your Brand Presence By Combining SEO and SEM

SEO and SEM both rely heavily on good keyword research based on your customer requirements. They are often complementary and are the sum of a whole – SEARCH. Here are a few strategies to use them together for a better brand visibility.

1. Sharing Keyword Research
As previously mentioned, the common denominator for SEO and SEM, search. Search relies heavily on your keyword research. To optimise your effort and reduce duplication your best bet would be to use the same keyword research in both SEO and PPC. In whatever campaigns you run find out what SEM keywords give you the highest clicks and optimise your content for the same keywords.

2. Using Site Search Data
Another fascinating source that most websites overlook is their own search bar. Many websites have enabled search on their website but rarely use the data. The search data your prospective customers are using on your website are the products and services their most interested in. Use those keywords in your SEM campaign and see a drastic boost to your clicks and leads generated.

3. Improved Visibility
The higher you are on the search rankings the more likely it is you will get a majority of the clicks. Imagine being so dominant in SEO and PPC that your website is top of both lists. Not only will you receive a majority of the clicks but the customers will also admire the tenacity with which you are dominating your field. They will definitely see you as a leader in your industry.

4. Shape Your Content Strategy
It’s no secret that search engine marketing can get expensive. When you have enough data from your pay-per-click campaigns you have a clear idea about what your most promising keywords are. The keywords that get the clicks. You should base your content strategy on the keywords that give you the most clicks in SEM. Use the keywords to create Page SEO Titles, SEO Descriptions, and Headlines. You can also use variations of their keywords in your long-form content for higher visibility in search.

5. Test Keywords Immediately
You can tweak the above concept to find out if a keyword will give you results or not. Instead of wasting your time forming a content strategy on a keyword you’re not sure will work, use it in a PPC ad first. See how the public responds to the keywords and its alternatives. You have almost immediate feedback on your choice of keywords and can decide whether to go ahead with it or not.

6. Use These Tools To Re-market
Sometimes it so happens that your page is ranking well for certain keywords and also getting clicks. But the leads do not convert to customers. Sometimes prospective buyers need a little push in the right direction which is why targeting them with an ad with a small discount on the particular product they were looking for can lead to better sales. Monitor their movement on your site and see what products they were interested in. Re-market and Voila, you have just converted better than you ever did using only one technique by itself.

7. Improve Your Brands Image
Chances are from time to time your brand might be embroiled in some negative news. You might rank for some negative keywords which will harm your business. Instead, run an ad that links to a blog post that shows people how you’re actively working towards making the situation better. Instead of receiving bad publicity you can use the keywords to put your brand in a positive light.

Next time you‘re meeting with a digital marketing agency ask them how they plan to combine PPC and SEO strategies to give your impressive and efficient results. While they sell SEM and SEO as separate services they are most effective when used together. If you‘re looking for a digital marketing company practiced in using these strategies and more to give you the best results, please get it touch today!

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