6 Andorid App Development Secrets You Should Know

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Android App Development Secrets

Android is one of the most popular operating systems for mobile phones. Most people love the number of customizable options it provides. As of Dec 2018, Google Playstore is the largest app store for mobile applications by a long mile. It has more than 1.8 million apps available for download and growing every day. The only question then is how do you become a part of the platform and what you need to do to build your first successful android app. Short answer, CodePlateau, the best Android App Development Company in Pune.

Understand the market:

The first thing you need before you even begin your android app development is figuring out the android app market. iOs users generally tend to have more income than their Android counterparts, so it makes it harder to sell apps on the playstore. That does not mean that you cannot earn money from apps in the playstore there are just different ways in which you have to do it. If you are able to successfully deliver the right app to the right people you can still afford to monetize it in a big way.  Ask you android app development company how you should go about monetizing your apps.

Easy To Understand Design Guidelines:

Android has published an easy to understand app design guideline. It’s too bad that no one ever gets around to using it. The thing to understand is that most mobile app development companies design cross-platform apps. This means their primary objective is to reuse of the code used for the android app on iOs and vice versa. What this leads to is that none of the users are particularly satisfied with the app they have to use and it causes a lot of issues with the audience of the app. CodePlateau is the best mobile application development company in Pune, India. Although it’s no secret that all android app development company in Pune share code between apps for different OS’s, you should be able to do so cleverly. This is how we are able to keep our costs down can be considered a low-cost affordable app development company in Pune.

Make The Design Intuitive:

We have been providing our web design services in Pune for several years. One thing we have learned from our experiences is that you have to design for the technically illiterate. Only when you succeed in doing that will you be able to provide a user experience that as absolutely no learning curve. And your customers will thank you for it. The secret is in simplicity.

Simple Layouts, clean, uncluttered screens will give the most positive responses from your audience.

Add Your Socials and Ensure they’re used:

Make sure to hardwire your socials into the app. Social integration in your app is as important as or even more so than it is on the website. People spend a lot more time scrolling through your app then they will on your website. It should be easy for them to be able to share their finds with their friends. Your app can be seen and should be seen as a source of virality among your audience for it to become really popular. Also, ensure social sign-ins are present. No one like to fill out the forms, especially the millennial crowd, if you have an app that youth-centric social sign-ins are a must.

Don’t Launch Before You’re Sure:

Before the app is launched you have to make sure you have considered all the facets of the app. Share demos with your friends and families and ask them to handle it. See what they think of it from a layman’s perspective. Note down their thoughts on usability and experience. It may sometimes be as valuable as the inputs you receive from your expert mobile app development team.

Market It:

Correctly market your apps. This is another step, not really part of developing, but still relevant to the success of your apps. If you have a proper marketing plan your audience should know exactly what the app does, who its for and how it will help them. Get together with a top of the line Digital Marketing Agency. They will be able to properly market your mobile application.

CodePlateau is a full service web design and development agency in Pune who can also handle your Digital Marketing activities. If you would the best you need to partner with the best. Get in touch today.


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