9 iPhone App Development Secrets You Should Know

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iPhone App Development Secrets

The App store is an exciting place to have your app listed on. Not only does it increase your credibility as a company, but the downloads can also turn out to be very lucrative. Mobile App developers in Pune and all over the world are jostling to be in a position to have their apps in the App Store. Over 2.2 million apps have been published thus far, and more than double that get submitted for approval to the app store every year and are rejected. If you were an iPhone app development company in Pune then you too would want your app to be published in the App store. Luckily CodePlateau has some excellent suggestions to ensure that you only develop and submit iPhone Apps that will pass the stringent tests set by Apple.

  • Documentation Completion:

Avoid Incomplete Documentation at all costs. It may seem like a trivial point, but Apple lays great store to the documentation process for the iPhone App Development process. The more accurate details you provide to the iTunes team to review your app the higher the chances of success of your app being eligible to enter into the Apple app store. Providing the right contact information is obviously a no-brainer. Give them adequate means of ways to get in touch with you and answer any questions they might have in as detailed a manner as possible.

  • Get Rid of Placeholder Content:

Absolutely under no circumstances should you send incomplete work. There are a lot of amateurs that work on developing mobile apps for the iPhone. Make your work stand out by presenting yourself as extremely professional. Keep checking for anything you have you might have missed in the app from a look and feel perspective.

  • Fix Crashes and Bugs:

While you are in the development phase of the app for the iPhone ensure to check everything carefully. Never be in a hurry to release your product without having tested it thoroughly yourself. Sometimes iPhone App Developers and other Mobile App Developers get too close to their projects. They won’t be able to find the bugs because they’ve been testing it every day. Let someone new play with the app and see if they uncover anything. Only submit your app once you have been thoroughly satisfied that there are no bugs in your iPhone app.

  • Follow the Published Guidelines:

You will find a set of guidelines that Apple has published for all App Developers. Make sure that as a reputed iPhone App Development Company in Pune you follow the Apple guidelines for apps.

  • Fix Broken Links:

Just like on websites, broken links on Apps are extremely annoying and can cost your app dearly. Make to sure to add all the necessary links that have to be on every iPhone App. There are some mandatory links you need to add as per the published guidelines.

  • Stay True to Your App:

Describe your app for what it truly is. Don’t try to mislead your users by getting to download your app based on some false descriptions and screenshots. The app team will review the app from the standpoint of the user. If the descriptions and the images you have sent, meet the expectations or are you delivering something that was not advertised?

  • Build Standard User Interface:

As a Website Design company in Pune you will know the importance of good user interface. While you are working on your iPhone app development you should consistently stick to those design aesthetics. Readable fonts, inviting color scheme and the works. Think of the end user when building an app for the iPhone.

  • Proper Advertisements:

If you plan on running advertising on your app, make sure you’ve thought of that before you send the app in for submission.

  • Resist from Repeated Submission of Similar Apps:

Don’t try to cheat the app team by making multiple similar apps and publishing them separately. It is very strictly against the Apple iTunes guidelines and Apple might decide to punish you for it.


Follow these pointers and we’re sure your app will be in the App Store soon.

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