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We have been learning one thing since childhood, is to ask questions to clear your doubts, obstacles, etc. The more the questions asked the clearer your concepts are set in your mind. A similar thing applies to your professional life too. Being a designer it’s very important to understand the client’s perspective and needs. The perspective can only be cleared when asked multiple questions to them. This will help to understand the client more deeply. Also, their work which can be services or products, their brand, budgets, aim, and many more things. By the question, we not only understand the client but also help us to plan the strategic, timeline and deadlines.

So without any time waste, let’s get started to the set of questionnaire.

1. Learn more about the business

Until and unless you are clear about your client and its business there is nothing you can start with. Get to know about the business location, contact number, reviews, etc. This will help designers and developers to grab the basic information about the industry.

2. Know about the website

If the client owes the website previously, get the most of it. Get to know its technologies, version, frameworks, etc. Also, in terms of marketing, its current condition in the market, place holding in google, keywords, etc.

3. What they want 

Ask your client about their expectations, ideas, perspective and whatever they want. By doing this you get the checklist to do things which are attached to the requirements. At this level, you can see the clear path on which work needs to be started.

4. Specify the keywords 

Certain clients have this specific requirement about the keywords. List down the keywords and check the current scenario, so the progress can be measure. If they don’t have any specific keyword, ask them for their views about it.

5. What’s your USP

Every company has its unique selling points, ask for it. This is the one thing which makes them stand out in the crowd of competitors. Also, it needs to be added on the website which is highlighted to attracts the customers.

6. Who are your competitors 

Knowing your competitors always helps to know your current position and where to reach in future? Referring them one gets the idea about the current competition level in terms of development as well as designing.

7. Target Audience 

For any business its important to know the target audience in the initial stages of designing. Depending upon the B2B or B2C business the layout and the appearance varies. Customer-oriented website is more interactive as compared to the business one.

8. Do you have references 

Nowadays people are fascinated by some of the other things and they wanted it on the website. So clients do have few references and ideas which they wanted to get implemented by the website designers.

9. Deadlines 

This question shouldn’t be missed out to ask by any client. Certainly, depending on the work and implementation the time may vary. But it’s good to have the deadline which shouldn’t be crossed.

10. Budget 

Well, this is the never missed question neither by the client, not the professional designer. This question has different lookout from all the companies.

It may be a designer or the client, having a clear understanding of the project is very important. The professional website designers have the ability to undergo the brainstorming process to get the best of the work. These questionnaires will help to resolve the hurdles while designing a site.

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