Web Development Trends to Follow In 2019

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We’ve already stressed enough how important a website can be for your business. Meeting your business goals, reaching out to potential new customers and all the other benefits that come with a well-developed website. Web development companies always have to stay updated with the latest web development trends that take precedent each year. Today we’ll be looking at the top web development trends for 2019.

Web Development Trends to Follow In 2019

1. Single Page Websites
A quietly growing rage among popular web developers is building a single page website for their clients. If you’re looking for the ultimate simplicity with a heavy dose of sophistication you have to consider a single page website.

Traditionally you would have a separate page for each sub-item. In a single page website, you need to creatively include all the relevant information on the single page. This also helps with mobile browsers as they’re all used to scrolling anyway.

2. Web Applications
Not only is mobile usage among prime demographic increasing, but studies also show that users are spending more and more of their time online on mobile apps. This is why web developers have had to get creative and develop full websites that look and feel like mobile applications. You’ll be surprised to know the numbers of “apps” that you use on a regular basis are actually progressive web apps.

Progressive Web Apps have all the benefits of mobile applications such as push notifications, faster loading times without the disadvantages of full-scale websites.

3. Motion User Interfaces
Since the dawn of the internet age, the aim of web developers and marketers has always been to increase the engagement of customers with the business. Motion UI has been successful to some extent to move towards higher engagement numbers.

However, this development trend is in quite a nascent stage. Still, there have been quite a few steps taken in the right direction. Motion UI is highly customizable allowing developers to get very creative with their designs. The interface is motion driven; therefore, it also requires the users to be more engaged with the website.

4. Chatbots
We’ve seen the trend of intelligent Chatbots growing steadily over the years. A lot of companies have already implemented the solution to fantastic results. In previous years they weren’t as sophisticated as they are now.

In some instances, chatbots have evolved to such an extent that you wouldn’t believe that you’re in fact talking to an AI. Their responses seem so lifelike you’ll actually feel like you’re talking to a human customer service representative.

Chatbots are great for cutting costs, responding to your customers within the quickest timeframes, and providing actionable solutions when the customer actually needs them.

If you’re facing a problem of increasing your website conversion you should jump on the web development trend of intelligent chatbots for 2019.

5. Javascript
In our list for last year, we had already mentioned the growing importance of using Javascript frameworks for your website. It seems like the trend is only going to continue to grow this year as well.

Javascript frameworks are easier to use for developers, more adaptable and you’re able to build more functionality into your website at a relatively affordable cost. Top web development companies will be edging you towards using Javascript frameworks for your website build.

Here are some exciting features you can use with Javascript frameworks, callbacks, RAILS, closures and more. If you’re looking to build a quick, responsive, customer focused and error-free site you should ask your web development company to use Javascript frameworks.

The trends in web development move at such a rapid pace that perhaps 6 months down the line we’ll have some new trends that are steaming ahead. Javascript has been popular for quite a few years, so are the development in PHP7. However one-page websites and progressive web apps are now gaining popularity, whether they will keep at it will only be seen in the days to come. If you need to know more about the latest trends about web development, or are considering building a new website and are looking for a professional web development company please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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