CSS Audits and Why They’re Important for Web Development

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CSS Audits and Why You Should Do Them

If you work for the best Web Development Agency in Pune then you will at some point have done a CSS audit. If you’re anything like us then you will also hate doing an Audit. It is however part and parcel of your website development services and extremely important for the health of the website.

What is a CSS Audit?

A CSS audit is kind of like looking for clues to solve a puzzle. A puzzle that when completed give you a faster more optimized website and a worksheet for future recommendations. You start by looking at the sites code and dig deeper. You will consider how many CSS Stylesheets you have implemented. How many are being called and if they’re really necessary. Does it affect the sites performance? Is the code written well? You end goal is to improve on the work you have already done. Our website development and website redevelopment services in Pune insist on having a CSS audit of your code to ensure that you get the most optimized code in your arsenal.

Benefits Of A CSS Audit

Pitching a CSS Audit to your clients is hard work because they normally have no idea what you might be referring to. What clients want to hear about are the benefits that Audit will provide them. As the Best Web Development agency in Pune, we have gotten quite good at explaining to our clients why a CSS audit is necessary. These are the tangible benefits that you can show your clients once your audit is complete. (Ensure to take the before and after results to give them a more clear understanding)

Reduced Filed Sizes:

Completing a CSS audit takes time. As the web development agency we ensure to be clear with the clients about our timelines. We need to sift through hundreds maybe thousands of line of code and ensure ways to clean it up. See if there are ways to cut down on the number of properties being called up. At the same time ensure not to hamper the functionality of the website. A CSS Audit when done properly will eliminate the junk and keep only what it necessary to ensure that the visitor to the website has less to download when they visit.


Ensure Guideline Consistency:

They  not only help the clients with their website but also the web development agency. As you’re auditing ensure to make documentation regarding the styles and formats you have used. Make notes of how you have used your code and why so that in the future you can refer to them and eliminate yourself a whole lot of time while you are conducting audits on another property. This is also beneficial to the client because if they were to switch web development agencies the other website development agency will have an idea of what was done and why.

Code Standardisation:

Whatever you do maintain standardisation. You may wonder why this is such an important piece, but it is. Depending on your methods of segregating code you will be able to find your mistakes sooner. If you leave enough comments in your code, other people may find errors which you could not spot because you were close to the projects.

Performance Improvements:

This is what it is all about after all. If nothing else your client will definitely understand the difference between a heavy site and a light site. Site loading times can be displayed accurately and it is one metric that will definitely not confuse them. Auditing code, along with combining and zipping up stylesheets, leads to markedly faster site speeds.  As their web development agency it is your prerogative to explain to your clients how much better a faster site will help with the user experience and help bring in more customers for their products or services. Especially in India where the connection speeds are not the best, having a light, highly functional site can do a lot of good.


Conducting an audit is the first step in achieving a clearer code metric. All that documentation will help in future projects and also keep the door open for further changes if necessary. CSS Audits can be time consuming but the benefits way outweigh the problems. As a web development agency that is constantly working on redevelopment of website this is the crucial step in our method of success.

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