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Since 2016 Google has been giving businesses an opportunity to focus on their websites mobile experience. The release of Accelerated Mobile Pages was a clear indicator of how Google was trying to prioritize the mobile-first approach. If you do have an online business are not optimizing your website for a faster, smoother, & richer mobile experience, then you’re definitely setting yourself up for failure. In this blog, we will be looking at the evolution of AMP & its current state of progress at the moment.

The Evolution Of AMP

As I’ve mentioned before AMP was launched during 2016. It was an open-source project by Google which combined the development efforts of millions of people to ensure faster delivery of data on mobile pages. What AMP does is, it removes all the “unnecessary” clutter that might be delaying the loading of the pages. From what you can see, you’ll notice AMP pages will be without too many images, they’ll have a simple font. Under the hood, the CSS will be optimized for faster delivery of data, HTML and JS code will be delivered as a first in first out basis.

History Of AMP

Since releasing in 2016 AMP have been the talk of the town among Digital Marketers all around the world. Digital Marketing professionals and tech enthusiasts are both looking at AMP pages from the perspective of gains. While marketing professionals see it as another method of lead gen through articles, the IT dept is looking for ways to go even faster. But lead forms were not always available and have only been recently introduced leading to a spike in the popularity of AMP pages, ensuring 900,000 businesses online are currently using AMP for some if not all their pages.

While AMP pages were initially built to deliver news faster, companies have adopted it to suit their requirements for a variety of different pages. Brands are focused on AMP developments for their product pages as they’ve seen a significant bump if buy-ins from the customer based on faster data delivery. Especially e-commerce players who say an increase of up to 20% in their sales figures as compared to companies that did not use AMP.

All AMP Updates of 2019

In the first quarter of 2019, some interesting updates were released by the AMP team. Let’s look at some of the most interesting one’s below:

1. Video Optimization on AMP

One of the most important updates to AMP in 2019 has been the video optimization efforts that have been taken. As a digital marketing company in Pune helping small business access the gains of AMP, we know the importance of video in a marketing strategy. Three new updates have been made,
i. Videos can now be docked so that the user can continue to scroll as they are reading their content
ii. You can now install a video player that has AMP video interface features you might need as a business
iii. You can use the AMP video optimization to run ads and keep a track of them on your website

These three features have really come as a blessing to video marketers, especially who were recently seeing a decline in watch times across the internet.

2. Input Masking

Lead gen on AMP pages is just in a nascent stage but it is still an extremely necessary step that needed to be taken. One large step forward for AMP lead gen pages is that you can now customize what you form should look like to a large degree.

3. Smoother List Scrolling

Since the internet is filled with the list, & one of the most common actions users take on their phone is to scroll, AMP has now enabled smoother scrolling options while the page is in development. You can set the grid and, resize the containers to provide the best experience to the users.


Very few businesses in India are taking advantage of AMP pages as there are not too many digital marketing companies in Pune that are technically capable of providing that solution. If you want to know what CodePlateau can do for your business, get in touch with us today!

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