Top 5 Android Libraries in 2019

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Android Library is a collection of all the source codes, files, format, etc. which are required to develop or build any mobile application. These are a number of libraries which are available for any developers on Android Studio. Depending upon the necessity and requirements they are being used. As these libraries are a set of codes, they are crawled or get by specifying commands from specific types and variants.

There are a few latest and updated libraries mentioned below:

  1. Retrofit

    – Its reviewed as the most useful Android library by many of the mobile app developers. This is due to the main feature which is converting the HTTP API into the Java interface. As this interface makes the code much simple and cleaner than before.


  1. Moshi

    – There was a well-known library called GSON which is similar to Moshi but in a much more advanced way. It can also be called the next level of GSON library used for API responses. The major feature of Moshi Android Library is that its compatible with Kotlin language for integration. And also, much light weighted than the previous version. This gives the code simpler way to integrate it.


  1. Chuck

    – In simple words, Chuck is known as an HTTP inspector. It performs the activity as its name ‘Inspector’. Its mainly used to inspect or get detailed information on any Android app. This information includes all the HTTP requests and responses inside the mobile application. Also, the database provides details of each and every request or response. Advantages of Chuck is that, its just a single line code with multiple functionalities, exportable file, notification on new request.


  1. Room

    – Room database is commonly known as Room Persistence Library. Which is known for its lighter version of SQL database? It has all the power of integration with a lesser compiling time. By using Room database, it decreases the boilerplate codes resulting in reducing compiling time while the process or using the mobile application. Also, it is compatible and gets integrated with many different components.


  1. Dagger 2

    – According to Dagger Team “Dagger is a fully static, compile-time dependency injection framework for both Java and Android. It is an adaptation of an earlier version created by Square and now maintained by Google.” Dagger 2 is used and is advisable to use by every mobile app developer because of its convenience. The minimal the efforts when the functionality of the application needs to be changed overall. It works in such a way, that only required part of the app is changed particularly without disturbing the rest.


These are only a few of the libraries from the never-ending list. While developing the Mobile Application always choose the professional as they are well versed with the usage of Android libraries for developing your mobile app.

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