Security Features in Laravel

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When you select your web development agency it is imperative that you pick a company that knows how to properly handle your websites security issues. In this blog we will be discussing the different security features in Laravel 5 that have been added . We talk about why you should work with Web Developers that can use Laravel and improve on their functionality.

What Is Laravel?

Laravel is a free, open-source PHP web framework, created by Taylor Otwell and intended for the development of web applications following the model–view–controller (MVC) architectural pattern. It is an excellent tool for web developers. It is however also a tool that needs to be used with care. Hackers keep trying to find ways to get into the system and Laravel has some special features to protect against hackers. Let’s see what they are:

Security Features In Laravel:

Below are some of the inherent features that Laravel already uses as its inbuilt security base:

1)      Laravel Authentication System:

Laravel already has its own set of user authentication systems. The code is inbuilt into the system. Laravel uses the “providers” and “guard” for further authentication. Guards control how each request is authenticated for every user while providers provide information of users from the database. While completing development you only need to set us the database and the models required to complete the authentication. Additional security features can also be implemented during Web Application Development.

 2)      SQL Injection Protection:

We have already written about what is an SQL Injection. Laravel already encompasses a PDO parameter binding that helps it fight against a SQL injection. This ensures that user entered variables are not directly entered into the SQL query. If this is not prevented then hacker may have easy access to all the data that is stored on the database.

 3)      Cross Site Request Forgery Protection Security Features in Laravel:

Laravel uses CSRF tokens to prohibit 3rd party users from generating forged requests. For instance, when a user on your website visits another website with a malicious link which could send a request to your database the back-end could consider it a query from your authenticated user and open it door. Laravel prevents this from happening with its CSRF tokens. This is done by adding another valid token to each request sent irrespective or its origin. Laravel then compares tokens to the ones it has already saved. If the tokens do not match a invalid signal is provided to the request.

4)      Cross Site Scripting Security Feature:

This is particularly important to blogging sites or sites that allow for users to comment. An XSS attack is one where the user enters a javascript code into his comments which run every time a particular action is taken on the page.  This is why many users see actions like a box opening and a sign flashes “Your Computer Is At Risk” when they visit some unsafe websites.  Laravel does automatic escaping while saving content to database and also while printing out content in the HTML.

You can use these security features to ensure that you have a well protected web application. When picking a web development team try and ask them how they will ensure the security of your data. With the number of data breaches that occur on a daily basis site security and data protection is of paramount important. We have just published a blog about how you should select your web development agency. Peruse it at your leisure and ensure to pick only the best Web Development Company for your work.

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