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Since you first completed work on your website you’ve pretty much left it alone. Your customers were coming in non-stop and you couldn’t be happier. Until now. Lately, with the competition blossoming you’ve had to step up your game as well and what better place to start than with your website. Your primary source of leads to generate new business. You want to go from stale and outdated, to new and fresh for your website. You want to get with the modern web design tips to completely overhaul your website and this list will help you do exactly that.

Best Modern Web Design Tips

1. Mix and Match Layout

Recent studies have shown that when online, customers are more prone to paying attention to your website when the layout is slightly off-track. Online shoppers and your website visitors are so used to seeing the same layout on every website that most of the time if you’re not doing something different, the site visitor has already tuned out half the website.

If your website layout forces them to pay attention by providing something interesting and inviting for their eyes you’ll be in a much better position to hold their attention. Your layout forms the cornerstone of the modern web design element of your website.

2. Custom Graphics and Icons

Welcome to the 21st century where everything needs to be snazzy and highly individualistic. Your website needs an identity and it’s your graphics and icons that lead the way in providing a sense of individuality to your website. How many websites have you seen lately that use the same tired icons to represent their business? Everyone has the same icons and graphics on their website which can actually work to your advantage.

By providing your customers with something different you’ll be way ahead of your competition when it comes to attracting new customers and keep your current customers happy.

3. Colours

Bright is best. We don’t mean your background, which in our opinion should remain white. We mean your header, footer, links and other elements on your website. Choose bright colours like light yellow, darker shades of pink, leaf green. All these are apparent favourites with the consumers online today.

4. Typography

Calibri and Cambria seem to be the official font of the internet. Almost 7/10 site probably use the same two fonts for their website when there are literally thousands of others to choose from. Why should you choose differently? Because people pay more attention to what they’re reading when they need to focus a bit harder to read the text. Our eyes have gotten so used to reading the Calibri and Cambria fonts that our minds tend to drift while we’re reading.

It’s a scientific fact that hard to read fonts promote better recall.

Choose your website font carefully. Especially if you’re providing in-depth, text-filled content which your users rely on. Using a different but pleasing typography will actually help your customer’s and they’ll keep coming back for more.

5. Transitioning Text and Animations

Another fascinating aspect of the modern web design methodology is to use exciting animations and transitions to captivate your audience. Video is one of the fastest growing formats of content delivery. You should link to some useful YouTube videos in your content, but the next best thing is to provide a healthy dose of animations and transitions to your website.


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