Why Mobile App development is a Must

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Invest in a Mobile app?

Businesses are looking at different ways of getting ahead of the competition. Social Media, Google Search Results, Offline Advertising, Online Advertising are just a few ways that companies are trying to get attention. In recent years mobile app development for your business is the new trend that has begun. Before I get into why every business should invest is getting a mobile app development, you should consider these facts about mobile usage:

In 2017 the number of mobile phone users in India is going to rise to 730 million users

468 million of those mobile phones are smart phones with access to 3G and 4G internet speeds

52% Rural Consumers Use Mobile Phones for Entertainment. 39% for productivity

People spend more than 3.5 hours on their phones during the day (on an average)

60% of the time is spent on social media apps like Facebook, and Twitter

Mobile phones are now being used more and more effectively by the youth to fulfil their needs. The above points make for compelling reading and gives a hint as to why you must develop a mobile app. If that isn’t enough to convince you about your mobile app development needs then you need to consider reading on:

Why build your own Mobile App

Increase Brand Visibility with your Mobile App Development:

If you have a brand with a high recall value then you must consider developing a mobile app for your business. Design the app logo to be distinguishable from the rest of the companies. It should however be in tune with the rest of the company branding strategy. Any person who has downloaded your app will be pinged with that app image every time he/she is looking for one of his most used apps. Every time they look at your app icon, its a subconscious branding opportunity. It increases the recall value of your company and product increases.

Marketing Channel:

Mobile Apps form another layer of the marketing channel for the company to utilize to target their customers. A company can send targeting notifications to their customers in their effort to persuade them to buy. Most customers would switch off the notifications so the offers need to be enticing to keep the customers excited.

Provide Value:

Developing a mobile app should be undertaken when you are sure of delivering value to the customers. Mobile app development can be a lengthy and expensive procedure. So the decision of what value you will be providing to the customers is of the essence. Even simple apps that remind their users to have a glass of water every few hours are very popular. An App in which real value is provided to the customer definitely enhances their appeal.

Improve Customer Engagement:

We prefer to go through our entire life with as few human interactions as possible. The only interaction that you prefer is from family and friends. We would prefer to use a system to complete tasks rather than having to deal with other people. Mobile App Development helps increase the engagement of the customer with your company. The customers would not miss out on the human touch because the brand forms a humanized persona for them to talk to. At the end of the day, there is always someone behind the machine and they can go the extra mile to solve the problem if needed.

Improve on your competitor’s ideas:

Developing a mobile app gives you a chance to get one up on the competitors, as brilliant as they may be your companies app has to be better. You have to find a niche that the competitor isn’t exploiting and try and find some wiggle room for yourself in that field.

Earn Money:

Mobile Apps can also be a source of income for your business. While adding ad’s to your mobile app might not be the most popular form of earning revenue, you can start with in-app ads to help pay for the app itself. In that way, you don’t have to worry about the cost of mobile app development.  Depending on the app you can also have in-app purchases to make money off the app. This is especially popular for gaming apps across the app marketplace.

Cross-Selling Benefits:

Another amazing benefit of building an app for your business is the ability to cross-sell to your customers. Cross-selling is when you bunch together complementary products that your customer are likely to buy in any case. An app forms the perfect platform to showcase your range of products and services which can convince your customers to not only spend more time on your app but make more purchases as well.

Cultivate Customer Loyalty

One of the main reasons businesses build apps is to cultivate customer loyalty with their fans. That’s one of the main reasons Facebook, Instagram, and all these apps are so ppopular with the younger audience. There is always something to keep drawing them in and making them more loyal to the brand.


The reasons for developing a mobile app are certain, it is only a question of when and from whom you are going to get the mobile app built. Codeplateau is India’s premier mobile app development company. It provides excellent resources for your company to build apps that are engaging and useful to your customers. Codeplateau’s mobile app development services are top of the line. When considering your companies mobile app development, think of Codeplateau.

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