Mobile Ads Optimization Strategies

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Advertising is no more a limited or bounded platform for any of the sources. It has just extended its boundaries, more than expected in the last decade. Advertising has its roots starting from newspaper ads column to search engine ads and the latest one mobile application ads. Online advertising is the most diverse part which depends upon the requirements and platforms used them for. And the main motto of the diversity is to reach the right users and convert them as the customers. Smartphones have the largest share in mobile advertising as it made life much easier in terms of personal and professional ways both. Currently, the most trending platform for advertising is mobile ads. Surely this is due to the higher number of users around the globe.

According to the survey, approximately 70% of the advertising lose revenue due to not targeting their perfect audience. This happens due to lack of knowledge about the behavioral data which they have and not using it in the right ways. The click rate of the ads from any campaign is only 0.1% which means the only ad is clicked by the user among the thousand ads. To avoid such a situation, certain strategies need to be followed to gain maximum profit in minimal budget.

Right Audience

Audience depends on multiple factors like location, proper age groups, surfing timing of the users, etc. Selecting the wrong audience can make big losses even though paying higher amounts to the advertisers.

Display Frequency

– Give your ads a moderate frequency. This will not irritate the users by continuously viewing one ad nor search or waiting for it to display again. Setting proper frequency gives a visible difference in results.

Clear Message

– Sometimes while making the ads banner advertising to make it too creative and ignore the motive. Due to this user actually gets confused about what exactly the ad is about. This certainly a situation where the user does not click on the ad. Keep the message about the product or service crystal clear.


– Images speak more than words; this proverb applies even in the advertising. Adding images in the ads attract the user more as compared to the non-image ads. Just remember to add the proper size images to fit for the banners.

Landing Page

– Only creating attractive ads is not enough if you don’t have a proper landing page. Also, the landing has to be mobile-friendly for easy navigation of the users on the website or app after clicking on the ads.

Video Ads

– This is the most trending form of the presentation of the ad. According to the survey, 30 seconds video has the most response as compared to 15 seconds and 45 seconds video ads. There are certain ads which run in between the video, they again have the highest view time.

Ad Extensions

– Ad extension gives the added advantage to drive the traffic. Using a proper extension like know more, call us, etc. can generate more conversions. Also, some ad has the types as call campaign-specific designed.


Optimizing the ads campaigns is very important on a regular basis to maintain the quality and eventually increase the conversion. To get the best out of budget hire the professional to create and maintain the ads account, like CodePlateau Technology.

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