Is Your Mobile App User Friendly?

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There are millions and millions of mobile applications developed to date and are still continuing. According to the statistics, 194 billion app downloads in 2018, up from 178 billion in 2017 which was the greatest hike in a year’s time. Also, most of the people are addicted to the social media platform. Global average daily social media app usage stands at 2 hours 16 minutes. This is due to multiple apps options for a single objective.


The numbers of users are huge and surely will be increasing with time. But an increasing number does not help in any major things. As mentioned previously there is a variety of option for every individual. These options have created a lot of competition for the mobile app developer. To withstand in the race of maximum and satisfied users for their mobile apps. Consumers stick to any one mobile application by multiple reasons like its long product list, offers, and cashback, premium member advantages, hobbies, essential tools, social media, etc. This is only one side of the coin option; the other side gives a major impact on the users. Let’s discuss the other side in detail.


  1. Simple Navigation

    For any user, it has become a preference that the app should be easily operable. There shouldn’t be any hurdle while operating it. Also, the flow needs to be constant without any breakage. User should reach to the goal of booking a product, appointment, etc. without driving them to other pages unnecessarily.


  1. Flawless Performance

    In any app sometimes there are technical issues which arise. This issue tends the user to leave the app and opt for another option to complete its requirements. It’s very important to keep a continuous track of the app for any technical issues and errors, for constant users.


  1. Sharing Options

    For buying any product nowadays people share with their friends to get opinions and the number is increasing. If a user has this option within the app, it becomes an added advantage for them. Adding social media as a sharing option not only increase a greater number of consumers but also give presence on social media.


  1. Customer Care

    Having customer care on the fingertips on the mobile app gives easy access for the users to resolve their queries. Users getting instant response for their issue become the returning users for that app. Online chatting is the best option that can be provided by the mobile app owner.


  1. Ads Free

    Having multiple and continuous ads for revenue purpose can actually sometimes hurt your revenue. With ads, users get irritated and tend to leave the application. Try having a ads free mobile app for a larger number of users on to it.


  1. Feedback

    Having the feedback section might not be in the mandatory checklist. But having this option gives free advice, suggestion, and issues to the app owner. People nowadays, prefer to mention both positive and negative things. Having the feedback section will bridge the gap between you and the user and can have direct connectivity.


Listed above are important and simple points to be added into the checklist for user-friendly mobile application. CodePlateau Technology is a well known Mobile App development company in Pune. The mobile apps developed by their expert team fits into all the standard criteria’s.

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