Instagram Marketing Methods

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Instagram Marketing Methods

Instagram is one of the fastest growing Social Media Platforms in the world. It has moved fundamentally from its original stages of being able to post only a single image in 2010. Instagram has over 500 million users all over the world. It has more than 15 million business profiles in the world. As part of India’s best Digital and Social Media Marketing Agency, we use Instagram as one of the leading platforms to promote our clients.

Social Media Marketing Tips: What is a business profile and how do you get one?

Facebook had purchased Instagram for a sum of $ 1 billion. It is a significant sum of money to pay for a company, but if you look at the overall marketing picture then you will understand why for Facebook it is nothing more than a drop in the ocean. Instagram is one of the biggest social media marketing platforms in the world. Businesses spend more than a Billion Dollars on advertising on Instagram alone every year.

If you have an Instagram account for your company then you can quickly link it to your Facebook company page and start promoting posts on Instagram as well as Facebook. Here are the steps to create an Instagram Business Account.

First Step: Open up your mobile Instagram app.

Second Step: Click On Settings and look for a “Switch to Business Profile” at the bottom of the list.

Third Step: Select a verified Facebook Company Page to link to the Instagram account

Voila. You have it.


Methods of Advertising on Instagram:

Once you have switched to a business profile on Instagram you have several options to advertise your products or services. We have included some of the top advertising methods on Instagram:

Photo Ads:

Instagram was built as a photo sharing platform. One of the methods of advertising on Instagram is using Photo Ads. They’re like regular shares on Instagram but with added features like a call to action button, for users to interact with your ad.

Video Ads:

This feature lets you showcase to your customers your products and services with the help of videos. Make sure to keep your videos short and creative to get the best out of the Ads’. Video content can be used in a wide variety of ways. Movie studios and game developers have been using ad videos to promote their app downloads and movie ticket sales.

Carousel Ads:

This is a popular feature among e-commerce websites. It lets you display multiple products that the customers can swipe through. It’s good to have a selection of related items to display on your carousel ads to ensure that the customer is enticed to swipe further. Don’t forget to add a call to action button to take your users to the website of landing pages for the products.

Story Ads:

This was a new feature that was just released to Instagram. Stories let you share your business story with the customers. A good way to attract followers by publishing interesting facts and creative ads on your story. What differentiates your story from the video ad is do that, stories are not a permanent fixture and they disappear from the app after 24 hours. If you have a strong following, stories make a good way to keep in touch with your customers. To provide them with teasers for your products or services. More than 250 million people use this feature on a daily basis so make sure your ads are top notch. Story Ad’s appear in full screen and are usually followed by Ads of other Instagram users that your customers follow. More space for content and better creative ideas.

If you haven’t yet got an Instagram account then you should. If you have an Instagram account but you don’t have a business profile set up then we can help you do that. CodePlateau is India’s premier Social Media Marketing Agency in Pune. We have helped several brands establish themselves on various social media platform using our unique digital marketing strategies and viral marketing methods. Instagram works really well especially for products that have a strong focus on a visual identity and design. If you believe that you need help promoting your business through social media marketing, let us help. Our services are on offer just a click away.

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