Five Common Mistakes That Designers Must Avoid

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Graphic design, web design or any design requires a lot of groundwork, extensive research and a constant understanding of the client’s requirements. As a professional web design and web development company, we would like to document some common mistakes that designers make:

Hazy Idea of Client Requirements   

The root cause for the problems that follow later is clearly the lack of understanding. The client requires one design pattern. The designer adds his own core ideas to the design. The communication gap is more than evident in most cases.

Avoid project disruption by noting down client requirements specifically. In an email write down all the details of the discussion and get it confirmed with the client. That requirement document is now the reference point for all design related matters. You will be surprised at how smoothly things go after you clarify.

Font Choices

Font plays a critical role in web design. Often a bad font choice ruins all the good work. If you go for distinctly different fonts for the headings, subheadings, and text, even neat design can look chaotic. Ask yourself the following questions. Is the font legible and complimenting the UI and UX design? Is the font just the right size? Do your eyes strain when you read the font?

Counter Unrealistic Expectations

Certain clients can end up with unreasonable expectations for the project.  When you know that a particular requirement is not viable, convey that communication immediately. For example, if the client is expecting a huge volume of work within a ridiculous, limited timeframe, have further client discussions. Delivering high-quality design will require a reasonable amount of time. You need to clearly convey the deadline parameters for a smoother design project execution.

Don’t Blindly Follow Trends

To be aware of the latest design trends is one thing. But to apply a popular and trending design element to a project on a whim can be disastrous. Once a new trend takes over, the design can look quite outdated. What works for a different audience and sensibility, may not work with another set of users. Understanding your target audience is thus of paramount importance. Let your creativity speak for itself but within the framework of project requirements.

A Final Check

Spell check? Done! Don’t stop there. The client will also be looking at the design. So make sure you have a definitive checklist of the client requirements before you pass on the website copy to them. Have you worked out a consistent structure and spacing? What about white space? Is the right communication going out as intended? Working on a project for long hours can make you less objective at times. Get potential users to have a good look at the website and tell you what they like and don’t like. You will end up finding more problems from a user perspective.

These are some of the common mistakes that designers make. What are the other mistakes that you have observed designers make? Do share your thoughts as comments.

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