Expert UI Design Tips for a Great Mobile App

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Creating easy-to-use mobile apps require a lot of planning and thought. UI design is at the heart of any mobile app’s success. How do you create an appealing mobile app while ensuring pro-utility features and efficient functionality? As a professional mobile app development company, we would like to share some UI design tips for creating a great mobile app:

Enhance Core App Objective

Find your app’s the prime objective. Pick out the most-used features. Constantly improve the features set around the prime mobile app objective. The mobile app designer’s efforts must focus on spontaneous user experience.

The “App as Diversion” Premise

The average mobile user is usually involved in another activity before they divert their attention to an app. It’s safe to assume that the mobile app user wants the app to respond at a great speed. Create your mobile app design around this “App as Diversion” premise.

Mix the New & the Familiar

Opting for too many new things can mar the mobile app UI design. Place buttons at familiar locations. Use colors to communicate the button usage. For example, using red color for the DELETE button is a simple but effective idea.

Make Navigation Purposeful

There is no point in making a great app feature if the user just can’t find it. Don’t make the user apply effort to find an app feature. The user should exactly know which section of the app are they in, and how do they return to the main page or exit the app. Don’t use complex navigation elements, where a simple solution is a better choice.

Minimalism & Other Elements

Minimalism doesn’t mean stripping your app of attractive design and functionality. To create a dull-looking app in the name of minimalism is a not so uncommon web designer practice. Minimalism in mobile app design is about removing what is unnecessary. Retain elements that make your users browse your app in less time.

Choosing the right text size & graphics size is a crucial and overlooked factor too in a mobile app. Another important element is making your app finger-friendly and thumb-friendly. The average app user must be able to use the app’s buttons with any of his fingers easily. A smartphone is usually handled with one hand. Consider gestures that are already used by any smartphone user.

These are some of the things you can think of before designing the UI for mobile apps. Please share your views on the article as comments below.

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