What Every E-Commerce Website Needs To Have – Part 1

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E-Commerce Websites are popping up across the country far and wide. With so many E-Commerce website being developed the quality of the final product seems to be going down. People are taking up more and more projects without really understanding the fundamentals required to develop a E-Commerce Website.

If you are in the market for an ecommerce website then CodePlateau, India’s premier website development company based in Pune can definitely help. We have put down a checklist that your web development team needs to follow while building an ecommerce website.

Checklist for new E-Commerce Website

Site Architecture:

Even before building the site, the site architecture needs to be mapped. What goes where, what products will you list under what heading. This is important for a lot of reasons. One of the many reasons this is vital is because your architecture will define your URL structure. Website URLs need to be simple and easy to understand. You need to try and be consistent in your URLs structures and lay them in a logical manner.

Your URLs need to also be name properly. This is what a typical URL structure should look like for your ecommerce website: company> category>product>types. This is just a basic understanding to give you an idea. The larger the site the more complicated the URLs will get and that why the site architecture is very important.

Always remember to keep an opening to add more products or services. 

Navigation Assistance:

Breadcrumb Navigation is a great way to help your site visitors to find what they are looking for. Some site can have a lot of categories or product types. The user should be able to easily navigate between the different layers of your website with a single click. Not having to restart the entire search from scratch is a huge bonus for the customer.

Image Optimization:

When building E-Commerce websites it becomes very important to build first for the customer and then for the Google bots. Customer  like to see various images of the products before they buy them. Our minds are stimulated much more easily with visual stimuli than text. Unfortunately Google bots don’t see the images like we do. For them a space occupied by images is just a blank space. That is unless they have been properly optimized. ALT Tags are used to inform Google what the image is about. Use Alt Attributes for all images. Don’t try to trick Google. Describe exactly what’s in the picture, but be smart about it.

Social Media Integration:

If you want your website to be really popular Social Media Integration is an absolute must. Having social icons on your website gives your customers the opportunity to follow your brand on all the socials. It also provides an impetus to the customers to share their wish list, shopping list or other items on their own socials. If you have any influencers following your brand, their one post could decide the fate of your site.

Social Media will also give you other SEO benefits. Increasing the websites popularity even if it is through social media will be a good signal to Google. It will definitely help give you a boost in your search engine rankings.

We will continue the checklist in part two of this blog. These tips have been all about the surface changes that you need to make to ensure your E-Commerce websites success. In the next blog we will be looking into the technical aspects of the website that needs to be taken care of. CodePlateau is one of the premier ecommerce website developers in Pune.  Their expert ecommerce website development team Pune has worked with several national and international companies on their ecommerce website giving them an opportunity to learn from their mistakes till they’ve perfected their art.

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