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Smartphones have been integrated into our world and how! You can’t turn a corner today and see someone’s head glued to their screen. While the question of where does this lead us as a society is for greater minds, we’re looking at the checklist you need to keep ready to be able to implement a mobile-friendly website. In today’s blog, we’re going to be covering just that topic. Hopefully the end of it, you’ll know exactly what you need in order to have a fully functional mobile-friendly website.

Mobile Friendly Website Checklist

1) Implement Mobile Friendly Design
There are at least 3 ways in which you can serve your customers with a responsive web template. However, out of these 1 is highly recommended by Google and is relatively easy to implement as well. This is by using a responsive design template. The HTML code, the URL shared to the customer is the same in the responsive design template. The other two options that are not ideal, but good to know are, by dynamic serving where you URL shared is the same across the different devices, but the HTML served on each device is slightly altered for the screen. The third option is to use a completely separate URL, one for mobile viewers and the other for web browsing.

2) Structured Data
Using structured data will definitely help Google understand the content on your website. The same applies to your mobile website as well. The pages on your mobile website should have the same structured data that is on your website. Google does mobile first indexing. Keep that in mind.

3) No Flash
Adobe Flash is quite an outdated tool. Some of your favorite games had been built using Flash but in more recent times flash has encumbered websites and makes them slow. More importantly, Chrome automatically disables flash on most sites due to security and speed issues. So it should be pretty obvious to anyone building your mobile website that they should not be using any Flash on your mobile-friendly website. Use JavaScript, CSS or similar other modern properties instead.

4) Font, Buttons, Design Is Important
Another important aspect of ensuring that your website is responsive and mobile friendly is the design architecture of the website itself. Being responsive enough is not enough it should have to be aesthetically pleasing as well. Pay special attention to the fonts. Mobile screens have been steadily growing bigger over the years, but they are still no comparison to screens of your websites and desktops. Fonts that are easily readable on larger screens are not so when using your website on mobile screens. It’s not the same with mobile phones. Buttons themselves can have an impact on your customer experience which can again have an impact on your website SEO.

5) Performance Matters
Apart from the fonts, buttons, design the performance of your mobile responsive website is also of the utmost importance. You have to focus on optimizing your mobile website to give your customers the kind of experience that they have come to expect from your website. There are several ways in which you can optimize your mobile website such as

– Improve your images
– Boost performance by improving the server response time
– Reduce the file size of your uploads by using tools like GZip
– Optimize your CSS

6) Focus On Your Customers
Maybe you won’t be able to display everything your website has to offer on your mobile website. That can be irrelevant. Your mobile website can be the platform that gives customers exactly what they need when they need it. Mobile users are normally looking for information on the go and they need accurate information quickly. If you are able to serve it to them through your mobile website then your customers will be dependent on you. Optimize the content for your users and you’ll almost have the battle won.

Having a mobile website can be easy but ensuring that you develop a mobile-friendly website that looks good, delivers on the design, content, and experiential aspects to the customers is not a piece of cake. You can do so by hiring the best web design and development company. If you’re looking to hire a professional web design company get in touch with us today.

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