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As one of the leading website design and development agency in India, we have to constantly be on our toes. Things can change in the blink of an eye and we have to be light-footed to be able to adapt to those changes. When we work on design and development elements for our clients it’s essential to have all the features thoroughly tested before we put them into production. Testing not only lets you know what elements of the design are successful but tell us what we can change to make improvements from real users of the products.

There are several excellent testing tools out there which we use on a regular basis that helps us refine our user experience levels. See if these tools are as beneficial to you as they are to us:

Best Usability Testing Tools For UX


Optimizely is a great usability testing tool that uses machine learning to provide better results for your analysis. Not only can your track visits and conversions on websites, it also allow you to track user experience on mobile apps, TV apps as well as full stack apps. Optimizely is not a free tool although you can use a trial version for free for 30 days.

5 Second Test:

This tool requires a little bit of input from your end. You need to start with basic questions you would like answered about your website or application. Send the test out to your focus group. When they open the testing tool they get to look at the website and once they’re done, they are requested to submit a test which takes 5 seconds to complete. The better the questions you ask, the more relevant your answers. Most website designers use this test to figure out what was the most eye-catching detail about the website and use these hints to improve not only their design but their user experience.


If you do not have the right group to test your user interface no worries. You can use the services of companies like TryMyUI, where they provide you with a pool of candidates to try out your website and provide feedback on the same. It also provides you with the necessary reports like heatmaps, mouse clicks, keystrokes etc. This tool has a monthly subscription but provides you with the first month for free.

Crazy Egg:

Crazy egg is another excellent resource for testing user experience. It provides it users with a heat map of the general pattern followed by the customers. Heat maps provide you with a better indication of where the customers are looking and give an insight into placing the call to action buttons at the right place. If you are looking to answers to come common questions like:

  • Where do people get stuck?
  • Where users click on your website?
  • What are they looking for?
  • What’s making your visitors leave?
  • Where do they want to go?


These are all important elements of your design and user experience. Crazy egg helps you answer those questions.

There are several such tools that web design companies in India such as CodePlateau use to enhance the user experience. Usabilla, Qualaroo, UserFeel, ClickHeat, ClickTale are just a few other usability testing tools that are highly recommended.

CodePlateau best web design and development agency in India is not only committed to providing visually stunning websites but websites that have the most intuitive feel. Great user experience is appreciated by all and understanding how to make it better is what we do. If you are in the market for some really top-notch web design services in India, get in touch today.

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