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Since app advertising was such a large business many spurious app developers had published apps on the play store. Google fairly recently announced that it took action against “bad” apps in the play store and deleted more than 7,00,000 apps as well as removed over 1,00,000 developer accounts from the play store. This was with regard to the apps that violated their terms and conditions. Being the best app development agency in Pune, we never had any fear of such a thing affecting us. However, due to the action from Google, it now seems like businesses are hesitant to build apps for their businesses.

This is surely a big mistake on the business end. We have written extensively about why a mobile application is absolutely necessary for a business. In that blog, we talked briefly about the advertising potential of mobile applications and how it can have a monetary advantage to your business.

Let’s have a look at the app advertising secrets in more detail:

Different Mobile App Advertising Models:

Freemium Apps:

This is a pretty popular model. Part of your app is available to the users for free at all times. However, there are some features that are available to the users only after they buy the application from the play store. This is a great business model for any business that has an essential feature that no other app can adequately replicate. Larger organizations have been using this approach to sell their software as well

In-App Purchases:

Another method of gaining income from apps these days is to make in-app purchases possible. Users can pay for upgrades for the app content within the app itself. This is a popular method especially for games to make money from. Normally users of an app will purchase in-game bonus features to get an advantage in the game over their opponents.

In-App Ads:

This is classic advertising strategy. While you provide the app for free, you provide advertisers with a platform to advertise on your app. The ads will either be in the form of a banner or an no skip video.

Paid Apps:

There are certain apps that themselves are a source of income for the business. Paid apps are sold to users with the promise that they serve a function that is not adequately resolved by any other program in the app store or play store. People would be willing to pay for the apps in order to seemingly make their lives slightly less cumbersome.

Sponsorship Model:

This business model utilizes advertising in the app to reward the user for engaging with the app. This is also a popular method of receiving revenue from the app.

These app advertising business models are used in conjunction with each other or in isolation to provide the businesses with an additional revenue stream. To most large organization the revenue streams from the apps are all that is supporting the business, for others the revenue from the apps is just a drop in the ocean.

Irrespective it becomes extremely important for a business to have an app to constantly remind the users about the organization and provide additional marketing emphasis and branding opportunities for companies.

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