All You Need To Know About Progressive Web Applications

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Progressive Web Applications are the perfect combination of web and mobile applications. These apps are specially developed by using the latest technologies to deliver to the users, a mobile app experience on the web screen. These progressive web apps are compatible with all the browsers for uninterrupted experience on all the platforms. The prime highlight about the progressive web apps is they have combined features of mobile applications like notifications, push messages, etc., with the combination on web features like search engine indexable URLs, deploying servers, etc. As mentioned, it has mobile app characteristics in it but progressive web apps need not be downloaded through any of the application stores like Google Play and Apple Store. It’s clear that they are web apps but they can also run on your mobile phone. Just launch them your mobile devices like any other apps.

Progressive web apps affect many other platforms, let discuss them

  1. Compatibility

    – Progressive web apps are considered as the most versatile app. They give the users the flawless experience on any of the devices they use. So now users can operate their favorite app on either on smartphones or any browser like Chrome, Mozilla, etc. Responsive design made the users choose progressive web apps over native apps.


  1. Speed

    SEO is a marketing practice done by the majority of the business to rank higher in Google against its competitors. They are certain criteria’s which need to be fulfilled for ranking higher and maintain it. One of the major factors is the Speed in mobile search. Progressive web apps have the lowest time any app can have to load. Also, if the user is offline or has a slow internet connection, these app work. This is due to the cache which is left when the PWA is once run on that device. It reduces the site speed of that webpage as well as loads the page faster.


  1. Engagement

    – High loading speed eventually leads to a higher number of engagements on progressive web apps. Get notifications on multiple devices about the trends and news surely attracts the users to get involved in that topic. Due to the high rate of pros for progressive web apps like compatibility, easy navigation, faster loading time it becomes easy for the businesses to achieve their target audience, which is a high conversion rate. Engaging more people on your progressive web apps directly leads to higher ranking on search engines.


  1. Search Engine Friendly

    – Progressive web apps satisfy multiple criteria of a search engine, one of them is the URL factor. PWAs have the simplified pattern of the URL structures. Also, as they are compatible with mobile, a no different set of URLs are need to be created for the mobile version. The second important thing is security and secured progressive web apps. It’s the mandatory part to have the HTTPS enabled. This eventually gains the trust of the users for surfing in your web apps.


It certain that Progressive Web App is a better performer in terms of speed, compatibility, engagement as well as search engine friendly.


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