How To Select Your Web Development Agency

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Picking a web development agency for your website can be as crucial a decision as any in your marketing strategy. Your website at the end of the day represents your business online and is the face of the company. You need to pick a web development agency that not only has a ton of experience working with complex web development projects, but you need a team of professional web developers who have an expertise in developing  websites on different platforms. CodePlateau Technology Solutions is one such website development company in Pune who has worked with a multitude of clients to bring to reality their dream website.

There are certain criteria that we noticed our clients mostly look for when they select their Web Development Agencies.

7 Things To Look For When Selecting Your Web Development Agency.

Cost Model:

Even though you may want to begin on your dream website project you need to have a budget in place. Web Development can be an expensive task to undertake especially if you want custom PHP Website Development. Get clarity on the fee structure from your website development company. Ask your web development services team what services they offer. Make a note of which of their services fits your budget best. Nothing like hiring CodePlateaus PHP experts to develop a custom website for your business.

Services Portfolio:

Only pick your web development agency after you have seen their past work. Work with Website development companies whose work you like and who you think will be a good fit for your project. If a Website Development Agency seems hesitant to display their work proudly it could prove to be a red flag in your hunt for the best web development team. A company’s product portfolio not only shows you the kind of work they do, but other companies for whom they have previously worked with before. That would give you another hint of the kind of work you can come to expect.

Web Development Team:

When deciding on which web development company to hire take a look at the team you are going to work with. How many members do they have in their team. Are the all jack of all trades or do they have specialists in the field of work they are looking for? If you need custom PHP web development do they have a PHP expert for hire?  These are the people you will be working with for most of the activity, it is best to get to know them right from the start. CodePlateau Technology Solutions has experts in PHP, WordPress Website Development, Mobile Applications Development as well as all aspects of Digital Marketing. CodePlateau is a Full Service Web Design and Development Agency in Pune.


If someone has referred a website design and development company to you chances are you are more likely to pick it. Find out from the referrer why they referred that company. How was the experience working with them? The more details you can get the better informed you will be and it can work while you negotiate. Another great place to look is review sites. Even their Google Business Page review can tell you so much about an organization. Check other review sites and see if the reviews on all platforms hold the same kind of account.

Extra Extra:

Due to the competitive nature of most business almost all organizations are will provide a little extra during negotiations. See what extra services you can extract from the Web Development Agency of your choice.

Result Oriented:

Most well established Web Development Agencies in Pune like CodePlateau work on strategy and tactics before they actually begin work. See how result oriented web development company is. How do they measure success and does it match with your definitions of success?

Added Maintenance and Support:

CodePlateau the best web development company in Pune provide 24×7 support to all their clients. Our support team is available at all hours of the day and also very responsive and quick to react. Even if there was some difficulty with you website CodePlateau will be at hand to resolve the issue immediately.


These are the factors that you should consider when looking for a web development agency in Pune. Have a look at CodePlateaus Portfolio. If you like what CodePlateau does send us a message and we will get back to you immediately. Get in touch today for the best PHP web Development, Ecommerce Website Design and Development or Mobile Application development services.



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